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  1. 1. STYLING TO CALL “BETTER BETTER FORTUNE” Styling Instructor : S St li It t Sayano F Funase FEB-11-2009
  2. 2. BACKGROUND AND PERSONAL DATA Name: Sayano Funase Academic Background: Occupation: Fashion Model, Freelance Announcer, TV Personality Instructor – b I broadcasting and f hi model d i d fashion dl Style Coordinator and Beauty Advisor Executive director for “Wedding AI Japan” Wedding Japan Personal Remark: Good wife and wise mother for two sons
  3. 3. BACKGROUND AND PERSONAL DATA Carrier Profile 1983~1984 broadcasting in “Ohayo Asahi” in ABC TV representative of O aka in Miss Contest i e e e tati e Osaka i Mi Co te t in 1884~ Fukui Pref. 1889~1990 fashion model in TV CM “SANYO Electronics” 1990~1992 broadcasting in FM Radio Fukui as personality 1992~1997 broadcasting in Fukui TV as host 1998~2000 broadcasting in Kyoto TV as host Instructor for “Japan Hoei Professional” Japan Professional 1998~ Bridal Coordinator in “Styling to call Better 2003~ Fortune”
  4. 4. FASHION MODEL IN TV CM “SANYO” 1889~1990
  5. 5. CONCEPT Style Coordinate to call “Better Fortune” Lesson 1 – Face Money fortune and Love Fortune Lesson 2 - Smiling Good first impression p Lesson 3 – Posture Good posture and attitude calls human power Lesson 4 – W lki L Walking Good shape of walking calls many fortune Lesson5 - Urban Life Cool Life Style changes you better
  6. 6. DRESSING Why y want to be fashionable? y you Positive mind String Curiosity Good appearance? Self Imaging Intelligent… Good Proportion? Attitude Positioning Good Coordinate? Improve your coordination Good Stuff belonging with you? Good selection on T.P.O.
  7. 7. MAKEUP TO CALL “BETTER FORTUNE” Expression of your face Good Impression changes your life better Stretching your face S hi f Conscious stretching your face Feng S i F Sui Traditional Chinese Fortune
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Your change will change your partner It will change your “Mind” It will change your “Word” It will change your “Attitude” It will change your “Custom” It will change your “Fortune” It will change your “Life” Better Let’s change your life “Beautiful”. “B tif l”