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3 d shapes


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3 d shapes

  1. 1. sphere
  2. 2. Flat face Corner Flat faceedge Corner edge edge Corner Flat face
  3. 3. Curved ffacee Curved face faceFlat face Flat face Curved face edge
  4. 4. It has 6 flat faces. All the faces are square. It has 8 corners. It has 12 edges or the same length. dd It has 6 flat faces. Not all the faces are same.It has 8 corner and 12 edges.
  5. 5. It has 5 flat faces and 5 corner. It has 8 edges. It has only one curved face .It has no corner and edges.
  6. 6. It has a curved face and 2 flat faces. It is no corner. It has 2 edges. It has a curved face, a flat face and 1 edge only.