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Beginning Health 3.0 March 26 2015


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Beginning Health 3.0 March 26 2015

  1. 1. Strategy Mei  Lin Brian Laleh John  Adams Bill Venture   Capital,   Innovation   Incentives Selfishness ,  myopia,   resistance   to  change Metrics,   Recognize   Milestones   of  progress Research HOSA  -­‐   Antonio MRC   Network  -­‐   Jill Community  -­‐   Dan  D. Anne  Whatley-­‐Kennan Health   Centers  -­‐  Mei   Lin Universities   &  Schools-­‐   Ramin Generative  networks Laleh John  Ozuna Casey Casey Education Narcissm Empathy Tactics Jill Brian Mei  Lin Mark  Sin ç è è ç Operations ê Love,  Survival  of   Species Fence  Sitters é ê Vested   Interests,   inertia î ç è HOW èè IncentiveTrusted  Brand Lose   momentum Blowback ç ç ç è é é Internet Disparities êê Not  knowing     how  to   collaborate How  are  you  going  to  get   there? RICH  LIFE                                                             IN  CONTEXT TOGETHER                                                     THRIVE Health  Consciousness Conflict HOW WHAT Journey  of  Shared   Purpose                                                   Awakening  Awareness WHY WHY WHY Dramatically  improve  the   health  of  individuals  and   communities Components  of  Health   integrated  holistic  view   of  health Youth  Engagement                           Investment                                 Development Global  Approach  for   Future  Generations All  of  Us Corporations  -­‐   Helen HOW WHAT WHAT Global  Integrity US  Centric                                 Medicine-­‐Centric é