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Hypertext system (presentation)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Hypertext system (presentation)

  1. 1.  Concept and Definition Hypertext and Hypermedia Advantages and Problem Hypertext Application Application of Hypertext in Education Hypertext in Language Learning
  2. 2. The growth of People are difficult to follow the The inform information extended system of Bush It enables people to follow cross refferences easily
  3. 3. a system to manage a collection ofinformation that can beassed non sequentially.(Lucarella,InformationProcessing andManagement)
  4. 4. HYPERTEXT  HYPERMEDIAThe system The system of ofmanaging connecting hypertext the with otherinformatio media such n related as graphics, to the sounds, plain text animations.
  5. 5. I really like Taylor Swift’s song.This song remember me tomy love story.
  6. 6. Easy to get and create references Global Views Task stacking The more nodes in a net workThe Information can be : the more difficult informationa. structured both hierarchical and can be obtained non hierarchal organizationb. referenced from several ideas and places Disoriented userc. embedded with the information in the text
  7. 7. BUSINESS1. Product catalogues and advertisement2. Annual report and orientation guides3. Treaties, contract and agreement4. Resumes/CV and biographyINFORMATIONRESOURCES1. Encyclopedias, glossaries and dictionary2. Medical and legal rerences books3. College cataloguesPERSONAL LEARNING 1. Instruction and explanation 2. Repair and maintenance manual 3. On line help and technical documentation 4. Mysteries , fantasies ,and joke book 5. Time line and geographical maps
  8. 8. Text in here HYPERTEXT Can be utilized for educational CAL purposes for crating a personal(Computer learning tutorial Assisted Learning)
  9. 9. Listening Reading Hypertext system can be implemented of allSpeaking Writing Language skills