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Food Pyramid

  1. 1. The FoodPyramidBy: Morgan Eifert
  2. 2. Buttons This button will bring you back to the start of each section This button will send you to the next slide This button will let you go to the previous slide
  3. 3. What are you learning today? Today you will be learning about the food pyramid and all the different food groups! At the end of this lesson you will be an expert on foods and what groups they belong to and you can even start packing your own lunches to help out mom and dad!
  4. 4. The Food PyramidClick on theorange words first.Once you have Oilsclicked each one, andclick on “Review” Fats Dairy Meat Fruits Vegetables Grains
  5. 5. Grains Servings daily: 6-11 Too many carbohydrates from the grains can upset the blood sugar level The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  6. 6. Grains The body will feel irritated and tired Examples: bread, rice, cereal, pasta, oatmeal, bagels
  7. 7. Fruits Servings daily: 2-4 Eat a variety of fruits, but go easy on the juices The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  8. 8. Fruits Major nutrients: Vitamins and fiber Examples: Apples, bananas, plums, oranges, grapes, melons, raisins, strawberries
  9. 9. Vegetables Servings Daily: 3-5 Major nutrients: Vitamins and Fiber Eat dark green vegetables and dark orange vegetables for more vitamins The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  10. 10. Vegetables Vegetables are very healthy for your body Examples: broccoli, carrots, green beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach
  11. 11. Dairy Servings Daily: 2- 3 Major nutrients: Mineral, Protein The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  12. 12. Dairy Eat low fat or fat free, if you can not consume milk, choose other calcium sources Examples: Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream
  13. 13. Meat Servings daily: 2-3 Major nutrients: protein Eat low fat, lean meats, bake, broil, grill. Mix up the protein you eat The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  14. 14. Meat Protein is essential for our bodies and can also be found in other foods like eggs, beans, and nuts Examples: pork, chicken, beef, tuna, eggs, shrimp
  15. 15. Oils and Fats Servings daily: 3- 11 teaspoons Oils and fats should be consumed very lightly because they are high in calories and eating too much can be harmful to the body The HealthCentral Network, Inc
  16. 16. Oils and Fats Major nutrient: Fat Examples: butter, greasy foods, oil, sugar, candy, jelly, soft drinks
  17. 17. What food group do thesefoods belong to?
  18. 18. What food group do thesefoods belong to?
  19. 19. What food group do thesefoods belong to? Lets learn about exercise!
  20. 20. EXERCISE Everyone should be active for at least 30 minutes a day Children and teens should be physically active for 60 minutes/1 hour everyday
  21. 21. Need a little extra review?
  22. 22. Review!
  23. 23. QUIZ TIME!!!!
  24. 24. QUESTION 1:What is an example of the grains food group?Bread Pork
  25. 25. Correct! Awesome job! You know your grains  You may now answer the next question!
  26. 26. Wrong  It’sokay, keep going and try hard! The correct answer is bread because pork is a type of meat so it would belong in the meat food group!
  27. 27. QUESTION 2:How long should kids and teens exercise for in one day?3 Hours 1 Hour
  28. 28. Correct! Awesome job! One hour is the ideal time a kid or teenage should exercise their bodies! You may go to the next question 
  29. 29. Wrong  Itsokay! Keep trying Kids and teens shouldnt’t exercise for 3 hours at a time. It could be harmful to their bodies. 1 hour od exercise is recommended for a healthy body!
  30. 30. QUESTION 3:What is an example of the fruits food group?Apple Lettuce
  31. 31. Correct! Awesome job! You really know your fruits Lets see if you can get the next question right!
  32. 32. Incorrect  Sorry lettuce is not a fruit it is a vegetable Keep Trying!
  33. 33. QUESTION 4:How many servings of fats and oils should someone eat/consume? 5-8 3-11
  34. 34. Correct! Awesome job! Lets see if you can get the next question right!
  35. 35. Incorrect  Sorry the correct answer is 3-11 servings Keep Trying!
  36. 36. QUESTION 5:Do nuts and eggs belong in the same food group? Yes No
  37. 37. Correct! Awesome job! Both eggs and Nuts belong in the same group believe it or not!
  38. 38. Incorrect  Sorry the correct answer is yes they do belong in the same group!
  39. 39. The End! Ifyou didnt’ miss any questions you got a 100%!!!! Great job! You have completed the lesson over the health food pyramid and the food groups Now you can officially pack your own lunches and put healthy foods in your body!Recap ofwhatyouhavelearned!
  40. 40. Watch the movie below to recapwhat you have learned about! Sources
  41. 41. Sources: .htm oodpyramid.asp