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Prefect cluster programme


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Based on the outcomes of

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Prefect cluster programme

  1. 1. The Perfect Cluster ProgrammeInnovation + Technik analysieren Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker Agency Kompetenznetze Deutschland © VDI/VDE-IT 1
  2. 2. How a perfect cluster programme could look like by the programme managers’ perspective Main categories Overall Target strategic groups Implementation set upInnovation + Technik analysieren Instruments Implementation © VDI/VDE-IT 2
  3. 3. Overall strategic set up  Programme duration at least 5 years  Clusters should be utilized to develop economic sectors that are relevant for the future development of the national economy  Programmes should be based on a bottom-up approach  If cluster programmes provide R&D funding, cluster managements should have an active role in commercialisation of the R&D results (not only distributing funds)Innovation + Technik analysieren  Internationalization of clusters should be an integral part of the programme strategy  Support should focus on cluster excellence and depend on the performance of the cluster  Less is more – fewer programmes © VDI/VDE-IT 3
  4. 4. Target group of a cluster programme  Focus should be given to support national cluster champions instead of creating new clusters  Cluster managements should be the main target groupsInnovation + Technik analysieren © VDI/VDE-IT 4
  5. 5. Instruments Instruments  Cluster managements are of very high priority within the programmes  Hands-on support through capacity development of cluster management  Direct financial support through grants is not sufficient to promote cluster (management) excellence  Utilization of new tools, like benchmarking or labelling  Openness to apply new tools to support cluster managementsInnovation + Technik analysieren © VDI/VDE-IT 5
  6. 6. Programme implementation  High user friendliness  Smart and simple  Low administrative burdens for applicants (cluster organizations)  High flexibility  Adaptable on changing framework conditions  Ability to respond quickly to changing economic and technological environments in which clusters are operatingInnovation + Technik analysieren  Openness to apply new tools or measures © VDI/VDE-IT 6
  7. 7. Programme implementation  Program implementation should be supported by a knowledge- based support infrastructure  Sufficient know-how and understanding of the program agency staff  Involve external experts, if needed, to assist cluster managers / cluster actors with their specific needs in an adequate manner  Targets that are clear and easy to measureInnovation + Technik analysieren  Effect and impact easier and for fair to measure  Realistic key performance indicators (cluster as well as programme level)  No unrealistic target © VDI/VDE-IT 7
  8. 8. Programme implementation  Continuous improvement  Ex-post evaluation is not enough to improve the performance of a program.  Formative evaluation in order to initiate continuous learning would be promisingInnovation + Technik analysieren © VDI/VDE-IT 8
  9. 9. No unaccomplishable wishes !Innovation + Technik analysieren Thank you very much for your attention © VDI/VDE-IT 9