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Color Scheme Examples


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Examples of color schemes to teach color relationships to your students.

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Color Scheme Examples

  1. 1. Artist: Henri MatisseDate: 1907Boy with Butterfly Net
  2. 2. Artist: Gwendolyn KnightDate: 1991Pleas and Thank Yous:100 True Stories
  3. 3. Artist: Georgia OKeeffeDate: 1956Pedernal – From the Ranch #1
  4. 4. Artist: Egon SchieleDate: 1918Portrait of Paris vonGütersloh
  5. 5. Artist: Paul GauguinDate: 1891Tahitian Landscape
  6. 6. Artist: Vincent van GoghDate: 1889Olive Trees
  7. 7. Artist: Jean-Léon GérômeDate: c. 1887The Carpet Merchant
  8. 8. Artist: Ernst Ludwig KirchnerDate: 1924Modern Bohemia
  9. 9. Artist: Joan MiróDate: 1938Head of a Woman
  11. 11. BLUE-GREENAlbert Joseph Moore WHITE 1868-1870 Battledore
  12. 12. Artist: Gustave CourbetDate: 1868 LIGHTDeer in the Forest GREEN BLACK
  13. 13. Artist: Komai GenkiDate: c. 1780Cranes and Tortoises TAWNY BROWN WHITE