A Man’s Secret Every Girl Should Know


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This slide shows what men need from women.

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A Man’s Secret Every Girl Should Know

  1. 1. A Man’s Secret Every GirlShould Know
  2. 2. "I don’t want to talk about my ex,” usuallymeans - It was a terrible mistake. I don’twant to give you a glimpse of how stupid Ican be.
  3. 3. Men are action oriented. They don’t sing‘I love you’ like girls. If a man is pickingyou up from a landmark, taking you tothe hospital, or doing anything thatmakes your world a better place, itmeans he loves you.
  4. 4. • Men might take time to commit but oncethey are in, they take it seriously. Theywant to make sure that they are onboardfor good.
  5. 5. • Men strengthen their bonds by indulginginto ‘activities’, rather than sharingthoughts or feelings. Sports, an activity,makes a man feel closer to his buddies.Sex, an activity, makes a man feel closerto his partner.
  6. 6. • Do all men watch porn? The answer is:just about every guy has either watchedporn or watches porn. Period. Men thinkabout sex a lot, twice as often as womendo. However, thinking is not same asdoing, you know.
  7. 7. • Men don’t think of sex ‘all the time’. All-the-time is an exaggeration. When a chefsqueezes a lemon, he isn’t thinking of awoman’s breast. Guys aren’t always up forsex. Just like women, men are oftenstressed up by the demands of work.
  8. 8. • It bruises a man’s ego, if he is not able toplease his partner. Men want women tocome up clear of what they like or don’tlike. A man knows that he’ll feel good if hisgirl feels good. Most men worry about theirphysique, technique and stamina.Performance anxiety.
  9. 9. • A man’s ego is really fragile. Men areopen to criticism only if they have had theirego massaged. Men are supposed to bemanly. It destroys them when womendon’t see them that way.
  10. 10. • To a man, man-time is sacred. Men wantto go on a two-week road trip with theirschool friends and do silly boy stuff. Whena man is given space to nurture hisindividuality, he gives more.
  11. 11. • Men let go faster than women and don’tlinger on negative experiences for long. Agirl keeps a track record of kisne kisse kyakaha aur kyu kaha, which is very irritatingto a centralized mind of a man.
  12. 12. • Most men learn from their fathers. Theylearn about their relationship roles bywatching and listening to their fathers.How the father relates to his mother canpredict how a man will relate to his wife.
  13. 13. • Men don’t pick upon subtle cues like thetone of voice or a facial expression. Farworse, it is most difficult for them to makeout a ‘sad’ face. A sullen expressiondoesn’t account towards sadness. Forthem, a face is sad when there are tears.No tears means no sadness. Better still, ifyou want to get noticed, cry out loud!
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