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World Class BI at Indian Cost
MAIA Intelligence
Why BI ?

Over the years, organizations across the globe            Provide a secure, enterprise wide ea...
MAIA Intelligence
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MAIA Intelligence
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MAIA Intelligence
Strategies For On Demand MIS
We recommend the use of 1KEY MIS Reporting Tool in below five mentioned str...
MAIA Intelligence

5)    Get the analysis of your data done inhouse. Do not outsource the...
MAIA Intelligence
1KEY Features:
  Simple to Deploy, Easy to Us...
MAIA Intelligence                                                        Case Studies

                At Pidilite, 1KEY B...
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E P Pidilite 1 K E Y M I S


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E P Pidilite 1 K E Y M I S

  1. 1. World Class BI at Indian Cost
  2. 2. MAIA Intelligence Why BI ? Over the years, organizations across the globe Provide a secure, enterprise wide easy to have invested heavily in ERP, CRM, SCM, and deploy and easy to use BI & Reporting tool HCM systems to streamline and integrate their where users can create and format their business processes. With sizeable investments own reports happening in licensing, implementation, AMC Connect directly to the source data, thereby etc. organizations are intending to make the most enabling real-time out of these investments. The obvious next step Business Intelligence and reporting for these organizations is to make intelligent use Standardize on a single reporting platform of the Business Process transaction data that acrossmultiple applications & databases they have been capturing in these systems. Create an Operational Business Intelligence (Empowering ALL employees) For data output from these systems, set-up with easy-to-use multi-dimensional organizations use any or all of the following: analytics Standard reports available as part of the About 1KEY system Generate non-standard reports using the 1KEY is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, tools available along with the application designed and developed on Microsoft Platform Analyze data by exporting to excel using .Net Framework. Implement Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence and data analysis for the senior The tool connects and communicates to all type management of applications, irrespective of the database used at the backend. 1KEY provides interfaces Each of these aspects, have the following for all users, viz.: technical professionals for constraints & limitations: query building as well as business users for click through reports. This helps the users to create Standard reports are essentially static and dynamic reports quickly and efficiently. In hence no data analysis is possible today's scenario, MIS analysis of any data is Generating non-standard reports requires most important aspect of business. Hence, if dependency on a third party vendor or one could derive the necessary information for maintaining costly proprietary skills making business decisions, the data will be Excel is not a secure, enterprise-wide BI and worth its value else, it remains in the system data analysis tool. No control over data without any direct impact to business. manipulation, data security, data transparency… In various organizations, all the MIS are in place, Heavy investments are required in Data but the amount of time spent on analyzing data Warehouse creation, training, data and generating reports is very high and so are consolidation etc… with data analysis not the administrative overheads and cost. possible on real-time basis 1KEY caters to these growing needs of the MAIA's approach with 1KEY Business modern age business houses. 1KEY helps the Intelligence Reporting tool: organizations to analyze any type of data from single and multiple sources and derive more meaningful and accurate information that will Convert all existing static reports (standard & facilitate faster and consequently profitable non- standard) to dynamic reports with rich business decisions. 1KEY supports slicing and features for data analysis dicing of data to the root level providing the ease Create a mechanism of generating non- of micro as well as macro level analysis, making standard and ad-hoc reports using 1KEY, the data speak to you virtually. thereby reducing the dependency on third party vendors and/or proprietary skills
  3. 3. MAIA Intelligence 1KEY View A two-dimensional, extremely intuitive report formatting and analysis tool for Business users. 1KEY View enables dynamic representation of all ERP, CRM, SCM... static reports enabling data analysis. Key Features Multilevel View using different Data Sources Filter Builder to design requisite reports Style condition to highlight specific data 1KEY Cube Advance View to drill down to root levels A multi-dimensional Business user tool to slice and dice information from the ERP, CRM, SCM... core system or DW efficiently, with an extremely intuitive experience. 1KEY Cube enables multiple static report information to be analysed in a single report. Key Features Grid View Structure for multi-dimensional reporting Summary Variation for trend analysis Interval grouping Dynamic and customized Formula columns 1KEY Query Designer An Ease-of-use tool for IT users to create instant queries on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) approach, i.e reuse queries for multiple report generation. 1KEY Query designer enables higher productivity of IT resources. Key Features Visual Interface to design SQL Queries on SOA approach Linking of parameters with simple drag & drop functionality Automatic SQL Statement Generation Re-use of Queries for multiple reports
  4. 4. MAIA Intelligence 1KEY Chart 1KEY Chart enables on the trot representation of business data in user defined charts for better data understanding and faster decision making. Key Features Dashboards and Visual Representation of data Drill Down access direct from graphs Conditional Runtime fields 1KEY Scheduler Different forms of graphical representations 1KEY Scheduler enables automatic dissemination of reports to the right people at the right time through emails or file servers. Key Features User-defined Frequency of Report Scheduling Multiple Report selection Scheduler history 1KEY File Reader Productive analysis tool for Business users who want to analyze external / internal data which is not part of the core transaction system Key Features 1KEY User Hierarchy Analyze Local data available on individual desktops 1KEY User Hierarchy enables creation of a Analysis and Cube reporting for Text & Excel SECURE enterprise-wide Business Files Intelligence & Reporting Infrastructure Detailed analysis and Cube reporting for Key Features EXCEL Files Role based Security Parametric Control of business information Parameter mapped to the user hierarchy of the organization
  5. 5. MAIA Intelligence Strategies For On Demand MIS We recommend the use of 1KEY MIS Reporting Tool in below five mentioned strategies to get on demand MIS. Recommended Strategies 1) Take in account the reporting and analysis needs of all business users (Executives) with the CXO and managers. Data garnered should be appropriate for all the business users with correct and precise insights whenever needed. What 1KEY Offers 1KEY delivers a comprehensive and flexible MIS platform that integrates and supports all leading databases and applications. 1KEY will ensure a 360 - degree MIS view by recognizing different needs segment wise giving precise insights. 2) Educate business users to rely on single source of truthful data. Forbid use of spreadsheets in meetings and presentations. Wide spread use of spreadsheets across the enterprise can create multiple versions of truthful data. What 1KEY Offers 1KEY analytic functionalities with visually stunning reports will help business user's move away from spreadsheets and help MIS Managers generate report by connecting information among disparate applications. 3) Establish data quality competency centre. Establish the system with the Unecessary data Application tables filtered out data which has an audit trail with referential integrity and data integrity in place. Garbage In Garbage Out Data Warehouse Reporting Table Created What 1KEY Offers Tables linked as required for New calculated reporting fields added 1KEY MIS reporting solution offers solutions to effectively manage data centric applications. MIS managers can handle data complexities and optimize it for on demand preventive and predictive analysis data which has complete referential integrity 4) Unlock your enterprise from the transaction based application for reporting needs. Your existing SCM, ERP, CRM etc. are best for recording your transactions but not for generation of intelligent insight reports. Specialized reporting and analysis applications can expose your business users to all together new meaningful way of viewing data and analyzing data. What 1KEY Offers Automatic and manual data cleansing is possible with an intuitive rule builder. Data analysis and data warehouse architecture design is aided by the data profiling functionality in the 1KEY application. The data from the data warehouse can then be drawn into as analytical reports for multi-dimensional analysis. 1KEY MIS addresses the needs of enterprise analytics for vertical markets such as Service (Financial, Government, Education and Health Care), Asset intensive (Aviation, Fleet Management and Utilities) and Manufacturing (Process and Discrete). 1KEY has a rich repository of metrics, reports and alerts as predefined content across various industry verticals.
  6. 6. MAIA Intelligence Recommended Strategies 5) Get the analysis of your data done inhouse. Do not outsource the reporting and analysis to a third party. It should be a part of daily use and not just a quarterly or yearly report submitted by a third party. Develop and implement the reporting and analysis system in house and roll out for all the business users of your enterprise. What 1KEY Offers 1KEY MIS Reporting tool guarantees truth as MIS is generated within the organization and cannot be manipulated by third party. 1KEY eliminates the need to save multiple copies of a spreadsheet to reflect snapshot data at different points in time, and overcomes the challenges associated with changes to historical data that then cause the snapshot-type spreadsheets to be incorrect. 1KEY continues to offer MIS Managers a big opportunity to help their organizations and clients better analyse their operations. It's time to get on the 1KEY MIS Reporting bandwagon preferably in the driver's seat. It's not just about number crunching. You can help reduce the risk of reporting errors. You can ensure the systems are effective and efficient, and not too dependent on one person or human. Most important, you can make sure 1KEY MIS Reporting is answering the right questions. Get in touch with us now. Generate customised reports using 1KEY BI BUS N UCTIO S INES QUA PROD S CUS RTERLY E INVOIC S SAL TOMER ING BILL E I S INVE S UPDA NFO MENT STATE ORTS T NTO RY R ES EP ORY R EPO TATUT RTS S
  7. 7. MAIA Intelligence 1KEY Features: Powerful Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use Data Analysis Dynamic Expression and Query Builder at Low Total Cost of Ownership Tabular/Free-style Reports Complex Reports further broken down to Sub-reports Drill-down and Drill-through Reports Integrates with all sorts of applications Embedded Reporting model enables seamless Data Grouping & Re-grouping Distributed Data Retrieval Highly Scalable and Extensible Comprehensive Security at all Levels Export Functionality to TXT, RTF, MHT, HTML, XML, Excel and PDF Codeless Parameter Page Builder Interactive and Print Formatting Business Intelligence Tool Schedule Manager for automated reporting Consistently outperform Direct Graph/Chart Reports with drill down with facility Better Decision Many Chart types to select 1KEY Benefits: More user friendly and intuitive menus Reduction in analysis time for business users Provides freedom to end users for generating customized reports Accuracy and efficiency in decision-making More proactive understanding of business data Lets end users access and interact with reports without extra IT overhead Easy-to-use with minimum IT involvement
  8. 8. MAIA Intelligence Case Studies At Pidilite, 1KEY BI reporting system Essel Propack used 1KEY for was within budget and hence could quick BI solution, easy to reach thousands of users inside the implement, fast to learn, & at a enterprise and beyond. reasonable price We were using PL SQL Static Reports which was We wanted to roll out BI to bottom of the pyramid replaced by 1KEY with top-down hierarchical user and not restrict it to few expert users. 1KEY is like security and runtime dynamic reporting analytics Mercedes at the price of Maruti. Full value for - Rajesh Panchal, Head IT Applications money - Zoeb Adenwala, CIO The Challenge : The Challenge : Pidilite had invested in Orion ERP (Oracle Database) for The market leader in manufacturing of Laminated and India operations & SAP Business One (SQL Database) Plastic Packaging tubes, using Navision was facing the for their overseas operations. But still they were challenge in having more visibility of Key Indicators expecting more in terms of reporting. It had MIS reports from the scattered data in various forms. They found but was limited in its capability. This created challenge the reports available on monthly basis were too late to specifically to the senior management. There was a take corrective or proactive actions. strong urge of getting the filtered data and in the desired form. The biggest challenge was compiling “Clean” data. They had multiple figures for any key indicator like Sales, A/R etc. They wanted to have single source of Solution : “Truth”. i.e. only one final figure which management “Trusts”. Besides this, the other challenge was to With 1KEY Business Intelligence Software, getting the compile data residing in different heterogeneous desired report was just a few clicks and the data systems in various forms. presentation was visually stunning. 1KEY extracted data from the ERP and presented it in format one always Solution : desired. It also offered the flexibility to the users to present the data in different formats. EP was very aggressive on implementation plan. After a pilot lasting just 15 days where a sample from 3 In Pidilite Industries more than 1200 operational users business areas were selected and benefits across the domain like Sales, Finance, SCM, Purchase demonstrated to key users. It is now planned to roll out and Inventory are no more dependent on the IT team for full scale in next 2-3 months. 2 Persons from IT and reports since August 2006. 1KEY user from each dept were involved. Benefits of using 1KEY: Sales, Finance and Production were targeted first for obvious reasons as clear visibility in these areas can Easy roll-out of 1KEY reporting tool : business user provide the best decision improvement leading to were up & running as training completed within two better business performance. 1KEY had those all day standard features of cube BI like slice and dice with sort In-depth & ample intelligent analysis of available data pivot, filter, group by, drill down, cross tab, conditional Multiple Informative Reporting options for Strategy formatting and many more features. framing Drill down from summary to transaction To begin with, 1Key BI was restricted to Senior Ease of inventory maintenance Mangers and Business analyst. EP wants business Easy Data Mining users not only in India, but across the World to use Data converted in decisions with 1KEY giving a 1KEY BI. single view of Enterprise data coming from two different systems Benefits of using 1KEY: Dynamic reports developed using 1KEY with reduced efforts & increased productivity Forward visibility and data analysis was now Entire Reporting infrastructure revamped possible for middle and senior mangers using 1KEY successfully with lowest Total Cost of Ownership Quick analysis over previous method using Excel Daily basis analysis of data possible 1KEY BI works like a compass which gives directions to all business users Generate knowledge out of data coming from ERP MAIA Intelligence for sales, receivables, etc. 319, Sector I, Building No. 2, Mr. Sanjay Mehta : +91 98195 73535 Tel : +91 - 022 - 6688 8999 Millennium Business Park, Mr. Vikram Kole : +91 99202 35351 Fax : +91 - 022 - 6688 9000 Mahape, Mr. Piyush Mehta : +91 99204 33535 Email : Navi Mumbai – 400 701. India Mr. Ashwin Dedhia : +91 93211 53886 MAIA Intelligence, 1KEY, 1KEY View, 1KEY Cube, 1KEY Chart, 1KEY Scheduler, WEBKEY logo are registered trade mark of MAIA Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. All other products, brand names, company names, logos are trademarks of their respective owners and are used for identification purpose only.