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Colgate que

  1. 1. QuestionnaireDear respondent,I am a student of “Navnirman Institute of Management, Surat” conducting a survey for myproject preparation, as the requirement of partial fulfillment of subject Project in Third year(Semester – VI) BBA in Surat city of a study on “A STUDY ON EFFECTIVENESS OFPROMOTION MIX OF COLGATE TOOTHPASTE IN SURAT CITY”. I assure you thatthe information given by you are strictly used for academic purpose only. I request you to helpme in gathering required information by filling up the following information.Thank you,Pratibha Mehta[Navnirman Institute of Management] Instructions: Use tick mark (  ) for your favorable answer.Q1) Do you use colgate toothpaste? a) Yes b) No If yes, than continueQ2) Why do you prefer colgate toothpaste? a) Brand image b) Quality c) Price d) Taste e) Other
  2. 2. Q3) Which flavor do you prefer in colgate toothpaste ? a) Colgate total 12 b) Colgate maxfresh c) Colgate cibaca d) Colgate active salt e) Colgate sensitive f) OtherQ4 )In which media do you find more advertisement of colgate toothpaste? a) T.V b) Magazine c) Radio d) BillboardQ5) Which offers of colgate attracts you the most? a) Price off b) Free sample c) Coupons d) OthersQ6) How much are you satisfied with the offers of the colgate toothpaste ? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Dissatisfied e) Highly dissatisfiedQ7) Are you aware of the free dental checkup conducted by colgate toothpaste? a) Yes b) No
  3. 3. Q8) If yes, than have you ever visited for free dental checkup? a) Yes b) NoQ9) Do you agree with the famous line of colgate toothpaste “kya apke toothpaste mey namakhai” which come in T.V add suits the product? a) Strongly agree b) Agree c) Neutral d) Strongly disagree e) DisagreeQ10) For following statement give your opinion? For:- Strongly agree(SA), Agree(A), Neutral(N), Strongly disagree(SD), Disagree(D) a) “Advertisement of colgate toothpaste attracts you” b) “You have heard good words about colgate toothpaste” c) “Sonakshi shinha as a brand ambassador of the colgate salt toothpaste influence you to purchase colgate toothpaste” d) “Hoarding of colgate toothpaste attracts you” e) “Colgate toothpaste should be deliver at the door step” f) “Packaging of colgate toothpaste attracts you” g) “Toothbrush free with colgate toothpaste attracts you”
  4. 4. Q16) Would you suggest colgate toothpaste to others? a) Yes b) No Personal Details:Name:Address:Contact No.:Age Group: 18 to 25 25 to 35 35 to 50 Above 50Gender: Male FemaleOccupation: Businessmen Government employed Housewives StudentMonthly Income: 0-25000 25000-50000 Above 50000(In Rs)Family Member: