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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ENGLISH LANGUAGE• Presented by Group D Group Members1. M Mehran Sunny
  2. 2. • Accept anxiety as an another name of challenge and you can accomplish wonders. Because anxiety makes a man more sensitive about any matter because he observe both side of picture. Don’t convert your anxiety into depression because depression is a big hurdle in a way of your success. Anxiety is much more better than depression.
  3. 3. • Anxiety Disorders are characterized • A person whose primary problem is by a sense of doubt and depression, rather than vulnerability about future events. anxiety, generally doesnt show the same fear and uncertainty that The attention of anxious people is people do with anxiety disorders. focused on their future Depressed people are not so prospects, and the fear that preoccupied with worrying about what might happen to them in the those future prospects will be future. They think they already bad. know what will happen, and they believe it will be bad. Anxiety always arises when we Depressed people could not do confront the possibility of our something due to the fear of loss. own development
  4. 4. • "do what makes you anxious, dont do what makes you depressed".• "youll never eliminate anxiety by avoiding the things that caused it.“• "you cant learn if you dont try.“