PPt on Status of Afghan Women after 2001, Afghan Women


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PPt on Status of Afghan Women after 2001, Afghan Women

  1. 1. Afghan Women at past and present
  2. 2. Afghan women before 1980s August-19-1919- Independence to 1980s, afghan women lived equally to the women of Europe and USA… Every type of freedom, facilities existed for them ……….
  3. 3. Education
  4. 4. Working in various fields
  5. 5. Life- Style
  6. 6. Singers/Singing , fashion (Entertainment)
  7. 7. Special Police Units, and Administration, politics,
  8. 8. 1980-2001 The worst Days and Years in Afghanistan, Civil War, Soviet Union Invasion, Mujahedeen and the Civil War again, Communist Government VS Islamic State, Taliban,
  9. 9. New Elected Government Constitution, Army, Police , New Rules and Laws, Government with all its functions, International Communities flew to Afghanistan to aid.
  10. 10. Women Education: Free Education till degree, after Degree little amount to pay
  11. 11. 82,000 Students are studying in various Universities (Degree, Masters, and Ph.D.) around the country , 37% of them are females students , 29% of Women are educated……………. 2011
  12. 12. Women in Politics: 1st Afghan woman governor Out of 249 seats of Parliament ,64 are reserved for women ,,,,,
  13. 13. Afghan Women in Entertainment Industry.
  14. 14. 30 % of Agricultural Activities are performed by Women
  15. 15. Almost 20% of Afghan women are very actively taking part in business, Carpet Industry, and private small businesses.
  16. 16. Afghan Women widely take part in protest against social evils and corruption……..
  17. 17. Active participation in sports…………………
  18. 18. Afghan Women's Active participation in, Presidential, Provincial, and National Assembly Elections.
  19. 19. Constitutional Safeguards for Afghan Women, Art.22, . prohibiting discrimination among the citizens of Afghanistan, and declaring that both men and women have equal rights and duties before the law, discriminatory customary laws could be challenged on the basis of these equality guarantees. Article 53, The rights and privileges of women without caretakers are upheld by the state. Article 54 explicitly deals with the rights of women, recognizing the family as the fundamental unit of society and requiring that the state adopt “necessary measures to ensure physical and psychological well being of family, especially of child and mother, upbringing of children and the elimination of traditions contrary to the principles of sacred religion of Islam”. Afghanistan’s Constitution says , Men and Women are Equal . Although under Afghan law the legal age of marriage is 18 for men, and 16 for women,
  20. 20. Challenges ahead of Afghan Women : 1. Health 2. Traditions and Customs 3. Education 4. Insecurity 5. Early Marriages 6. Economic dependency 7. Corruption , and slow judicial procedures 8. Poverty
  21. 21. THANK YOU