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5 Mst Power Point


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A Day In The Life of a Garmin Engineer

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5 Mst Power Point

  1. 1. Eugene Shoykhet Manager Portable Navigation Devices Group UMR BSEE 2003 KU MBA 2008
  2. 2. History Garmin was founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao with a handful of engineers • Gary and Min worked together at Honeywell • Gar(y) + Min = Garmin Company went public December 8, 2000 • NASDAQ 500 • Trade Symbol: GRMN Hundreds of different products in multiple markets • Aviation • Marine • Outdoor • Wireless • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
  3. 3. The Global Leader in PND • #1 in PND market share worldwide* • 4 million units sold worldwide in Q2 2010 • Gross profit increased 11.4% *Canalys Research
  4. 4. Vertical Integration Garmin • In-house design and manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, customer support • Control the entire process • Create jobs • Maintain comfortable inventory Results • High levels of innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness • Manage risk • Reduce cost • Higher growth and stability
  5. 5. Global Presence 5 Olathe, KS (Headquarters) •Primary R&D Center •Aviation Mfg. and Certification •Sales, Distribution, and Support for the Americas •2,566 associates Shijr, Jhongli & LinKou, Taiwan •Consumer Mfg. •R&D •Sales, Distribution, and Support for the Pacific Rim •5,248 associates Salem, OR •Aviation R&D •Aviation Mfg. •222 associates Chicago, IL Retail Store •19 associates UK Headquarters •Sales and Support for Europe, Africa and Middle East •215 associates European Distribution Barcelona, Spain •62 associates Billdal, Sweden 27 associates Brussels, Belgium •24 associates Copenhagen, Denmark •40 associates Graz, Austria •29 associates Lisbon, Portugal •14 associates Lohja, Finland •5 associates Milan, Italy •60 associates Munich, Germany •97 associates Paris, France •71 associates 8,919 total associates Research & Development Calgary, Alberta •76 associates Los Angeles, CA •7 associates Minneapolis, MN •42 associates Newport, OR •6 associates San Francisco, CA •21 associates Tempe, AZ •17 associates Grand Cayman (Parent Company) •2 associates Sydney, Australia •Distribution •44 associates Beijing, China •Sales & Support •5 associates
  6. 6. Headquarters – Olathe, KS Approximately 1M square feet of space supporting • Administration • Primary R&D • Aviation manufacturing • Marketing • America’s customer support • America’s product repair • Warehouse
  7. 7. Retail Stores Chicago • Located on the “magnificent Mile” at the corner of Erie and Michigan Avenue • World’s first and only retail outlet dedicated to GPS navigation • Enhance brand awareness and support existing retail partners Taiwan • Second Garmin retail store – opened in November 2007 • Located in Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan • The parking place has become a gathering place for bikers
  8. 8. Markets We Serve  Aviation • General aviation GPS products • Communication, radar and autopilots • Revolutionary glass cockpits  Automotive / Mobile • PNDs • Mobile on and off board applications • OEM aftermarket and factory  Marine • Handhelds & chartplotters • Radar, sounders, autopilots, networks • OEM aftermarket and factory  Outdoor / Fitness • Personal GPS and fitness • Communication devices • Wireless tracking
  9. 9. Automotive / On the Road Fastest growing market #1 in North America and #2 in Europe PND – Personal Navigation Device Attributes • Bluetooth Hands free • MP3 Player • Text to speech • Real time traffic • Gas Prices • Weather • Movie Listings Units • Nuvi • Zumo
  10. 10. Outdoor / On the Trail Strong Market Share Applications • Hiking • Hunting • Camping • Geocaching • Dog Tracking Attributes • Portable • Mapping • Tracking • Weather Wear resistant • Radio Communication Units • eTrex • Oregon • Colorado • Rino • Astro
  11. 11. Fitness / Onto Fitness Strong Market Share Applications • Running • Cycling • Training Attributes • Durable • Small • Share wirelessly • Cross-Train • Training Software • Fitness Community • Measure all types of data • Cadence • Heart Rate • Foot Pod Units • Forerunner & Edge
  12. 12. Marine / On the Water Applications • Open water or inland lakes • Navigation • Fish finding • Weather • Autopilot Attributes • Large Screens • Touch screens • Water resistant • Fixed or portable • 3D Mapping • Satellite imagery • Real-Time Weather • Radar • Sonar
  13. 13. Aviation / In the Air Garmin’s oldest line Partnerships with industry leading aircraft Applications • Autopilot • Navigation • Weather • Communication Attributes • Fixed or portable • Weather • Terrain Avoidance • Synthetic Vision Units • Integrated Systems • G1000 • Panel Mounts • 430/530 • Portables • GPSMAP 496
  14. 14. Is this where I will be working?
  15. 15. Why such a perception? •Boolen Algebra •Digital Gates •Flip-flops •FPGAs/CPLDs •Registers •Truth Tables •Karnaugh map •0s and 1s My story of two friends
  16. 16. My work experience Software Engineer at Stoecker and Associates Medical Devices industry June 1999 – December 2002 Worked on development of various image processing algorithms and neural networks for automated detection and diagnosis of skin cancer. Worked on medical software applications for Palm OS devices. Hardware Engineering Design Intern at Adtran Telecommunications industry June 2002 – August 2002 Designed switching power supplies for DSL cards Software Engineering Intern at Adtran June 2001 – August 2001 Wrote embedded firmware for DSL cards Wrote Windows based remote DSL card management software Software/Hardware Engineering Intern at Anheuser-Busch Food & Beverages industry January 2000 – August 2000 Wrote brewery automation software Prorgammed/Set up PLCs Why did I join Garmin?
  17. 17. What is a Garmin Design Engineer, Anyway? LOTS OF RESPONSIBILITIES! ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: •Design, debug, and test digital, analog and/or Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits •Prepare or direct preparation of product layouts, detailed drawings and schematics •Direct and coordinate manufacture of prototypes •Plan and develop experimental test programs to verify compliance to all applicable regulations and quality guidelines •Analyze test data and reports to determine if the proposed design meets functional and performance specifications
  18. 18. What is a Garmin Design Engineer, Anyway? •Coordinate with other functional teams during the life cycle of the product and be responsible for and require design modifications •Evaluate engineering test results for possible application to developments of other systems •Use of software tools and test equipment to formulate and test electronic designs •Support production facilities in the manufacture of products •Interface with the Test Engineers and factory personnel on the testing and production of the products •Perform cost/performance tradeoff analysis of different circuit options •Investigate the usage of the latest components and technologies •Complete documentation of the design in the required formats NO PROBLEM!
  19. 19. What is a Garmin Design Engineer, Anyway? •Design, debug, and test digital, analog and/or Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits This sounds like an Analog/RF/Digital Engineer •Direct and coordinate manufacture of prototypes This sounds like a Manufacturing Engineer •Investigate the usage of the latest components and technologies This sounds like a Research Position
  20. 20. What is a Garmin Design Engineer, Anyway? Life of a typical Garmin engineer
  21. 21. So what do I design? Somewhere in SOP-004, we have a lot of meetings to decide what the next, best, awesome, super- cool, mega-fun GPS will be.
  22. 22. So what do I design? OK – So we’ve met with management, marketing, sales, tech support, and some guy from our UK distributor. We’ve been empowered, pow-wowed, synergized, and otherwise thunk outside the box. We know what we’re going to build*! Let’s get started…
  23. 23. Emails and the 12-hour advantage Some things are always the same8:01a
  24. 24. BOMs, ECOs, and other TLAs Paperwork? I didn’t agree to this!8:25a
  25. 25. I love new engineers! Schematic CaptureAnytime:Anyday
  26. 26. Mumbling something about “Power consumption too high?!” Bench WorkAnytime:Anyday
  27. 27. I have a fever, and the only cure is more copper PCB LayoutAnytime:Anyday
  28. 28. Dan fixing the results of my “Bench Work” Tech WorkAnytime:Anyday
  29. 29. Customers expect these things to work in a car? Performance TestingEarly:Often
  30. 30. Traffic reception and FCC testing Performance TestingEarly:Often
  31. 31. “Arh – do you have any fashion sense at all?” Industrial DesignAnytime:Anyday
  32. 32. I can only draw orthogonal surfaces in isometric projections. These guys can do circles and stuff… Industrial DesignAnytime:Anyday
  33. 33. “Solidworks says this PCB should fit!” Mechanical DesignAnytime:Anyday
  34. 34. “Is this chip supposed to be rebooting constantly?” Software: low levelYesterday:Lastweek
  35. 35. “What do you mean I’ve only got 32 MB of RAM? I designed this thing to use a 512 MB Cache!” Software: high levelYesterday:Lastweek
  36. 36. Options Abound Another great place for variety 11:29a - LUNCH!
  37. 37. When all else fails, seek out your ‘elders’ Expert Witness HelpCrisis:30
  38. 38. If a boat from Taiwan carrying your displays is traveling at 13 MPH and a jet from Israel has your processors in its belly, when will you be able to commence your rev2 prototype builds? Project PlanningTooLittle:TooLate
  39. 39. “I am thrilled that your CPU runs at 2GHZ, but why does it jam the satellite reception in my house? Compliance PlanningNeverThe:RightTime
  40. 40. “So when the unit gets to -5 Celsius, run a full multi-axis calibration” TestingAlways:NonStop
  41. 41. Cookout in the lab… BreakTime12:00p
  42. 42. A little distraction really helps concentration… BreakTime3:15p
  43. 43. “Yeah – about that feature…. Can you change the manual to just not mention it? It’s not going so well… Technical Publications2 days before MP
  44. 44. Best to be there, just in case the unforeseen happens to be seen. Mass ProductionT-Minus:30Seconds
  45. 45. Whew – We’re done! Or are we? Making MoneyDone:Finished?
  46. 46. “People still buy these things? And they’re trying to do what with it?!” Tech SupportFeb 15th , 2015
  47. 47. Thank you!Thank you!