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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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  1. 1. Beachy Bunch! Life’s a beach with… Designed by: Sarah Miller
  2. 2. What Is It? All The fun of the beach right at home or on-the-go! Includes Shrimp, Boardwalk Fries, and Lemonade! Just microwave for 30 seconds, and you’re off! Lemonade stays cold on its own!
  3. 3. Why Should You Buy It? Quick, on-the-go, walk off the shelfer! Customers love the Beachy feel You Mega Food Corporation alone can give customers that beachy feeling they crave Everyone wants to go to the Beach, right? Join the Fun and save your customers in need of a break. Best of all, It’s Great!!
  4. 4. Radio Ad! Yummy!
  5. 5. Radio Ad