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Preston - Quix Pax


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Preston - Quix Pax

  1. 1. THE World's Fastest Food
  2. 2. What is it ? It is a box of food that comes in 3 different types Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It comes with a napkin and utensils. It is 100% recycled paper. Breakfast
  3. 3. Why You Should Buy It! It is great for people on the go. It is quick and easy to eat. And these guys love to eat it! It is also great for hikes or runs!
  4. 4. Graph
  5. 5. Radio Ad Click to play
  6. 6. Thank You I would like to thank Mr. Sparrgrove for helping me make a good PPT I would like to thank Mr. Shatner and Mr. Phelps for being good models. I am honored that Microsoft let me use PPT and Clipart. I am happy that Evan, Sean, Daniel, and Mr. Sparrgrove for letting me use their products and Evan for helping in the radio ad.