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Similar documentary


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Similar documentary

  1. 1.  Gok Wan (born 9 September 1974[ is an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter. He is known for his appearances on many television programmes (including his own fashion show How to Look Good Naked), for providing fashion advice to celebrities and for contributing his views to fashion magazines published internationally. Born in Leicester to mixed English and Chinese parentage, Wan worked in his parents Chinese takeaway growing up, when he struggled with obesity. Initially training in the performing arts at the Central School of Speech and Drama, he then entered the fashion business, writing for popular fashion magazines and appearing on various television shows. In 2006, Channel 4 employed him to present his own television show, How to Look Good Naked, which lasted for three series. He followed up the success of this show with other fashion shows, Goks Fashion Fix, Miss Naked Beauty and Gok Wans Fashion Roadshow. Moving into other genres, he presented a series of documentaries on social problems among young people, drawing on his personal experiences with obesity and homophobia, as well as presenting a cookery programme, Gok Cooks Chinese (2012).
  2. 2.  ‘The RoadShow is coming to town, offering makeovers, styling masterclasses, and a pop-up catwalk for the all-important fashion face-off’
  3. 3.  Channel 4 documentary Use of voice over Theme of fashion Cheaper vs. expensive argument Filming in well known places- brands, shops Similar target audience
  4. 4.  On screen presenter/interviewer Gok doesn’t focus solely on the argument of high street vs. designer We talk about fakes/copies available at Camden market- not high street produce Gok’s also has other focus’s such as make over’s and catwalk competition- the audience vote for designer or high street We are trying to argue that the fake clothing is actually illegal Although we want a balanced argument we want to show how the copies are effecting brands such as Crew Clothing