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Social Reference: Harnessing the Hivemind

  1. Social Reference: Harnessing the Hive Mind Margaret Smith New York University October 26, 2009
  2. Meet the Hives! ● Yahoo! Answers ● AskMetafilter ● Askville ● Fluther ● Wikianswers ● Answerbag ● Wiki Answers ● Maholo Answers ● ● Wikipedia Help Desk
  3. Not all hives are equal...
  4. Where do deer sleep? (from ● “At a Days Inn if the Hilton is full.” ● “actually, deer are arboreal. they create nests high up in the trees from scraps of their prey. ie: squirrels, cats, etc.. also, deer are known for their brachiation abilities. their main method of locomotion through the trees is vertical swinging and leaping.” ● “Why would you want to know? Under bushes.”
  5. Forums/Messageboards AskMetafilter Library Society of the World FriendFeed Room
  6. Wikis Wikipedia Help Desk Wikianswers
  7. Blogs BobstRef Newman Library Reference Blog
  8. Basic hive construction ● Forum/messageboard: pHpBB, SMF GoogleGroup, Tangler, Lefora, FriendFeed ● Wiki: PBwiki, MediaWiki ● Blog: Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr
  9. Growing your hive Pollen (what content goes in?) Honey (what reward/motivation comes out?)
  10. Staffing your hive Worker bees (who contributes?) ● Skill level ● Security ● Anonymity Beekeepers (who supports?) ● Moderation ● Maintenance
  11. What if my workplace hates bees and beehives and extended metaphors generally? “Slam the Boards!”
  12. Thanks! Margaret Smith @megvmeg New York University