Twitter for Teaching and Learning


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Slides from my NERCOMP talk May 9, 2012 on use of Twitter in learning.

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Twitter for Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. Twitter for Teaching and LearningNERCOMP SIG: Tweet This SIG!May 9, 2012Meg Stewart@meg_stewartEvaluate:
  2. 2. ChangeNew methods of inquiry
  3. 3. Innovation Age
  4. 4. Why Use Twitter in Teaching?
  5. 5. Engagement
  6. 6. Diversifythe discussion
  7. 7. Diversify the discussantsIncreasing participation
  8. 8. Be heard and seen
  9. 9. Keep talking after class
  10. 10. More connection
  11. 11. @jackiegerstein
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  13. 13. Rey Junco talk on Twitter in teaching
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  15. 15. “Twitter eliminates theproblem of having to waitin a queue in order toseek the floor,” saidCorrales. “You canactively participate evenbefore your turn comes.”
  16. 16. @derekbruff
  17. 17. Over 300comments People wantingthe report andleaving an email address
  18. 18. Over 300comments People wantingthe report andleaving an email address
  19. 19. Why NOT Use Twitter in Teaching?
  20. 20. Meg StewartEducational technology consultantEmail: meg.stewart@fulbrightmail.orgTwitter Id: @meg_stewartSlideShare:
  21. 21. REFERENCESJames Hilton quote - EDUCAUSE 2010 Report 2012 – Higher Ed list of Twitter references from dana boyd, Heiberger, and Loken 2010 and Lowenthal, 2009 at Amherst Collage (Prof. Corrales) Bruff’s blog at U Conn (Prof Rubega) to the Text – Andy Selsberg, 2011 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom College – Prof. Hottinger
  22. 22. PHOTO CREDITS (Creative Commons license)Twitter in Title: and student: (Innovation Age): robes: row: class: chairs: Cloud: book: report top: report bottom: text: door: quiz: tiles: feet: smiling: