HLF and WLC presentation to WL Community Councils Forum Sep 13


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Presentation by Megan Combe and Dougie Grierson to the West Lothian Community Councils forum on 26th Sep 13, detailing the funding options available to local groups.

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  • Small grants programme - £3,000 -£10,000It’s at the same level as Sharing Heritage – all First World War projects at this level should come under this programme, not Sharing Heritage. Rolling programme - 8 week assessment. We will be funding good applications that involve people of all ages, however, if we are looking at projects in competition, then we will prioritise those that involve young people. (aged 11-25)We will fund activity and travel abroad to help people understand more about the nature and impact of this global war – see FAQs for more information about this.The programme will run until 2019. We are still funding First World War projects under other programmes – we have already spent more than £13million on First World War projects.
  • HLF and WLC presentation to WL Community Councils Forum Sep 13

    1. 1. Who we are • One of four lottery funders in Scotland • Support all types of heritage projects • Award grants over £3,000 • £600m for Scotland‟s heritage since 1994
    2. 2. What is heritage? Historic buildings and sites Natural heritage (e.g. historic parks, biodiversity etc) Museums, archives and collections Industrial, transport & maritime heritage „Intangible‟ heritage (e.g. oral history, language and dialect, place names, cultural traditions etc) “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations.” UNESCO
    3. 3. West Lothian is a priority area for HLF from 2013 What is a priority area?
    4. 4. Projects achieving outcomes for: • Heritage • People • Communities Projects that make a lasting difference
    5. 5. Grant programmes Small (£3,000 - £10,000) Medium (£10,000 - £100,000) Large (over £100,000) two stage process
    6. 6. Sharing Heritage • Celebrating community heritage • Grants from £3,000 - £10,000 • Not-for-profit groups • 8 week assessment • No application deadline • Projects have to meet minimum of one outcome for people
    7. 7. First World War: then & now • For communities to explore, conserve and share their First World War heritage • Grants from £3,000 - £10,000 • 8 week assessment • No application deadline • For projects that benefit all ages but will prioritise young people • Projects have to meet minimum of one outcome for people
    8. 8. Grants up to £10,000 • Start up grants • Celebrate
    9. 9. Our Heritage • Grants from £10,000 - £100,000 • Replaces Your Heritage programme • 8 week assessment • No application deadlines • Prioritise not-for profit groups • Projects have to meet minimum of one outcome for heritage and one outcome for people
    10. 10. Young Roots • Engaging young people in heritage • Led by young people (11 – 25yrs) • Grants from £10,000 - £50,000 • 8 week assessment • No application deadlines • Partnerships between youth and heritage organisations • Developing young people‟s skills
    11. 11. Heritage Grants • Grants over £100,000 • Two round application process with development funding • Projects have to achieve at least one outcome for heritage, people communities (up to £2million) • Regular deadlines • Scotland committee make decision on requests up to £2million • UK Board make decision on requests over £2m
    12. 12. Grants over £100,000 • Heritage Enterprise • Parks for People • Landscape Partnerships • Townscape Heritage • Grants for Places of Worship
    13. 13. How can we help? Project Enquiry advice – online form Website www.hlf.org.uk • Application materials • Guidance documents • Case studies – examples of projects we‟ve funded
    14. 14. Contact us Megan Combe, Development Officer Heritage Lottery Fund 38 Thistle Street Edinburgh EH2 1EN 0131 225 9450 MeganC@hlf.org.uk New – follow us on twitter @HLFScotland
    15. 15. External Funding and Community Council’s Douglas Grierson, Community Regeneration Officer, Regeneration and Employability
    16. 16. What I want to cover • A general overview of External Funding • West Lothian Council’s Village Improvement Fund
    17. 17. External Funding • Lottery • Trusts • Statutory bodies/ Council, Government Europe • Other
    18. 18. Other •Banks/financial institutions •Companies •General fundraising; events, bag filling, sponsorship etc.
    19. 19. Are Community Councils eligible and what are funders looking for? • Community Council’s are eligible as a general rule. • As a statutory body some funders don’t support applications. • All funders fund projects, not general or ongoing activities • Work with other local groups where possible
    20. 20. West Lothian Village Improvement Fund • Funding of £35k, £15 and £5k available to villages across West Lothian in 2013/14 • Funding will be available in subsequent four years although amounts to be finalised • Capital projects only • Should be revenue neutral where possible
    21. 21. West Lothian Village Improvement Fund •Projects can include: •Street furniture; •Improved village gateways; •Landscaping, planting etc.; •Addressing gap sites; •Access in and around villages; •Improved facilities for young people; and •Investment in local community facilities.
    22. 22. Support and information available • Regular Funding Newsletter; • Regular Funding Events/surgeries; • Officer support available;
    23. 23. Q&A and contact details Dougie Grierson Community Regeneration Officer Area Services Tel: 01506 281088 Mob: 07500 816852 e-mail: douglas.grierson@westlothian.gov.uk