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Target audience research


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Target audience research

  1. 1. Genre and ’s TargetAudience ResearchBy Megan Robinson
  2. 2. ComedyComedy is work that is generally intended to be humorous, to amuseand to make an audience laugh. There are different types of comedy;satire, screwball, black comedy, parodies and romantic comedies aswell as situation comedies.For examples are The Inbetweeners, School of Comedy, PhoneShop, NoelFielding’s Luxury Comedy, Cardinal Burns, The Midnight Beast andBeaver Falls.
  3. 3. DramaDrama is a type of entertainment where an audience expect to beentertained and informed, where a situation dramatized. Storylinesare fictional and can have a vast range of themes from crime tosoap operas. Episodes may be self contained or may be continuedover several episodes.For examples are Skins, Misfits, My Mad Fat Diary and Youngers.
  4. 4. Reality or non-scriptedReality TV is TV that presents unscripted situations, thatdocuments actual situations and usually features unknowns asopposed to professional actors. Reality TV includes competition-based shows that are becoming increasingly popular, which havecommon elements where one competitor is eliminated per show.For examples are Made in Chelsea, Desperate Scousewives,Shipwrecked: The Island and What Happens in Kavos…
  5. 5. ‘First Look’ Channel 4 programmingThe ‘First Look’ is when you can watch the day before it’s supposedlycome out. Since E4 launched in 2001, it has aired a daily ‘First Look‘feature at 7pm each weekday, in which viewers are able to watchthe episode to be shown on Channel 4 the following day. The ‘firstlook’ is reshown on timeshift channel E4 + 1 at 8pm. Occasionallythe ‘first look’ can be omitted, particularly if the following day’s C4episode is a special or event edition, at these times it may bereplaced with a related programme or special.For examples are Hollyoaks and Shameless.
  6. 6. Acquired programming (First Run)Acquired programming-first run, describes programmes that arenot based or filmed in the UK but are bought in to the UK fromabroad. Very often these programmes are brought in from America,first run means that it is the first time that the programme willhave been aired in the UK.For examples are How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, The Big BangTheory, 90210, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, etc.
  7. 7. Acquired programming (repeats)Acquired programming-repeats refers to programmes that are notfilmed in the UK but are bought in from abroad. They areprogrammes that will have been previously aired in the UK andbeing shown for a second time. These programmes may have beenshown many times dependant on how popular they are to viewers.For examples are Charmed, One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, Scrubs,Smallville, etc.
  8. 8. E4 is British digital television channel which came out in 18th January 2001.The ‘E’ stands for entertainment and their target audience is 15-35 age group.The programming are mostly from U.S. such as 90210, How I Met Your Mother,One Tree Hill, The Big Bang Theory, Revenge, etc. But there are otherprogramming from this country which are Misfits, Made In Chelsea, Hollyoaks,The Inbetweeners, etc. It is most successful broadcast was on 11 October 2010when an episode of The Inbetweeners pulled in over 3.7 million viewers. In 2012E4 got it’s highest share of viewers from the target audience.