Music magazine analysis


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Music magazine analysis

  1. 1. Masthead Button Centre Image Price/Date/Barcode Main Cover Line: Liam’s Beady Eye Kick Off Layering/Background Cover Lines Masthead: The use of the letter ‘Q’ is simple but it is attractive and eye catching because it unusual having a letter on a front cove of a magazine. The use of ‘Q’ suggests that it is different because ‘Q’ is not often used. Cover Lines: They are short so they make the reader want to pick up and want to know what is in the magazine straight away. Most of the magazines always have their cover lines on the left third and on the right third. The colour of the cover lines are black, gold and red, they also used different colours in the same cover line to catch the readers attention and to make it more interesting. They are in bold to stand out more; they are all in different sizes to make the reader to come closer to the magazine. In Main cover line ‘Liam’s Beady Eye Kick Off’. It was one of Liam’s bands and I think the magazine is telling the fans where Beady Eye will be kicking off in Glastonbury festival. The font is big and bold, ‘ Liam’s is in red and bigger to stand out for the viewer because he is famous if it was just ‘Beady Eye Kick Off’ they wouldn’t necessarily know but some people might, which is why they are slightly smaller and in white. Centre Image: The main image is Liam Gallagher; he is wearing the dark coat with sunglasses on whereas you can see the rest of the bands on his sunglasses. Liam has facial stubble with his hair straight. He makes us feel like that he is serious about this band. The band is smaller and in medium shot because their reputation is not as well-known as Liam’s.They are all wearing a coat and well groomed like Liam. Layering/Background: The background colour is quite bland and it makes the masthead, cover lines and main image stand out more. Target Audience: ‘Q’ magazine is normally for people who are over 25 and Liam attracted the people who are similar age for this magazine. His music is main feature which attracts people. Button: Highlights key story in magazine, ‘must reads’. Pull-out quote: The pull-out quote, ‘”Noel was a tit, I’m very happy.”’ is on the left third above the main cover line because this will attract the viewer more to finish it and find out more about why Noel was a tit. Price/Date/Barcode: With every magazine, one of the main features of a font cover is barcode and the price of the magazine. This is always found at the bottom left hand corner. However in this magazine, it is on the bottom right hand corner, this may because they wanted the main cover line to start in the left third so the viewer would read that first. Pull-out quote