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Mfa magazine

  3. 3. CONTACT SHEET This was my first shoot, I like the way he posed but the image was too close and there was not enough room at the top for the masthead. Also his clothing wasn’t suitable for my genre. This was my second shoot, I really like the way the model is looking. But his shirt is little bright and I thought the background might not go well with masthead and captions. However after I completed my third shoot, I realised this could work with little editing. This was my third shoot, I redid this because the colour of his clothes wasn’t suitable for the front cover however after taking these photos I decided not to use them because of the background being too pale.
  4. 4. MASTHEAD DESIGNS My tutor told me to do six different experiments for masthead. Four masthead were not relevant to my target audience because they don’t fit in the style of my genre. The bottom two, I like those because the font is bolder and stands out more but I had to choose which one looks the best so I placed them on my front cover and decided which one was better and it was the yellow one because it goes well with my background and it is clear to read. This is my final masthead, I wanted them to know what ‘MFA’ stands for so I put ‘MUSIC FOR ALL’. The font is different to this masthead because it is a smaller masthead so it didn’t need to be as clear. The white text works well on my background because it is easier to see by the readers.
  5. 5. MAKING THE FRONT COVER First I selected ‘Spot Healing Brush Tool’ to cover the spots and make him to look like he has good skin. Then I clicked ‘Patch Tool’ so I went all around under his eyes then dragged and click what colour I wanted to use for under his eyes. The magazine needed to be A4 size so I changed the size first and put where I wanted the image to be. I didn’t change the size but you can see it’s looks like it been cropped on the both side and little on the bottom. I was happy with how I edited it and used this as my front cover.