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Magazine cover presntation


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Magazine cover presntation

  1. 1. NME is a music magazine which targets males and females aged between 17-30. The genre of music is indie or rock.
  2. 2. The masthead is bold, place in the top left corner of the page and still fully readable although it is partially covered by the cover image. The selling line is mostly underneath logo name and saying what the magazine name NME stands for but on this image on the right doesn’t have selling line because it is special edition. The cover has a simple colour scheme that consists of red in most issues. This issue feature black and gold text that stand out against the rest. The gold is royal and shows loyalty because it’s been 60 years. The main image is very large and takes up most of the cover. This image is what catches the eye of potential customers as the person on the covers eyes are making eye contact with the camera. Noel Gallagher is well known and is holding a magazine from a while ago. This shows us that it’s a good reputation and it’s still going on strong.
  3. 3. The main image of this magazine is Noel Gallagher. NME celebrated its 60 year anniversary in 12th September 2012. Noel Gallagher is wellknown, he is quite plain and the texts of magazine matches this. Also Noel Gallagher is quite famous therefore they have used him on this special edition because he will appeal to lot of people. Also this cover is one of eight in special editions.
  4. 4. The main sells is on the left third, ’60 YEARS OF NME’ is bold text and black and largest font of all the texts on the front page. Also in the top right corner in a different colour circle are the next important main sell , ‘Exclusive…’. The cover lines are a mixture of bold and black and different sizes of font. They wants the potential buyer to pick up the magazine and read closely the cover lines which will hopefully result in the purchase of the magazine. The image is in the center and is the main focus point for the reader. It is the image that first attracts and potential buyers. The language used is short, snappy and interesting. The use of quotes and in this case swear words draw the reader in closer to read other cover lines.
  5. 5. FourFourTwo is a football magazine which targets males aged 15 between 50. There are action shots of famous footballers who are well known to the target audience. The majority of the cover lines are on the left of the magazine. There are also main sells along the bottom of the magazine with images. The fonts on the bottom are similar whilst NME mixes fonts and sizes. This magazine has far more images, colour and lines (cover lines and main sells) than the NME special edition.
  6. 6.     Consider the following Colours Styles of text Language used