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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Task 3 Selection of final images & review
  2. 2. Aim of Shoot I was trying to achieve a music style photos that represented bands and solo singers that I could use in my music magazine.
  3. 3. Description of shoot This is one of my favourite images from my shoot because she is posing naturally and it doesn’t look fake or staged. I wanted to do it outside for natural light and there’s a lot of different scenery which will make good background. It was in the ‘Three Sisters Way’ and it was end of September 2013. My model posed in different settings whilst walking through the path and I just kept taking photos whilst we were walking and this was taken when I shouted her name which is why it’s look so natural. The settings I used are 1/1250 seconds, f/5.6 and ISO – 1600.
  4. 4. Editing effects
  5. 5. Final Image I chose this image because she looks natural, there is a leading line which she is at the end of. This image is also rule of thirds on the right. I edited it to improve the colours and make the girl stand out more.
  6. 6. Capture log Three Sisters Way 1/1250 seconds f/5.6 ISO - 1600
  7. 7. Editing effects
  8. 8. Final Image This image has been edited by cropping it and making it use rule of thirds. I did this to make it have more open space on the left. Before I edited this the position wasn’t quite right because the model was too far away therefore I cropped it to zoom in. I like this image now because I have changed the colour to make it more focussed.
  9. 9. Capture log Three Sisters Way 1/1250 second f/5 ISO - 1600
  10. 10. Editing effects
  11. 11. Final Image I chose this image because it looks like a sunrise and it has a good deep depth of field. I like how I edited because it is in black and white, I make it look like it has a sepia effects. The guitar stands out and I have selected it and changed the colour. This is to adjust the lighting.
  12. 12. Capture log Three Sisters Way 1/125 second f/5.6 ISO - 100
  13. 13. Editing effects
  14. 14. Final Image I chose this image because they look like they are staring at something in the distance. I like this because I like this colour than original because the original doesn’t look like professional or for music purpose. Weaknesses of the original was the composition therefore I cropped it to include what I wanted.
  15. 15. Capture log College grounds 1/1250 second f/5.6 ISO - 1600
  16. 16. Rejected Images I don’t like this image because it has a bad composition and because of the setting. It is not in context with music idea and all looks bit misplaced.
  17. 17. Rejected Images I don’t like this image because of the lighting that it is too bright and there’s people in the background. I don’t understand why the models are facing backwards which is not relevant to music.
  18. 18. Rejected Images I don’t like this image because the background doesn’t make sense for the purpose and also the model wasn’t ready but if the model was ready, I still would reject it because of the background. Also the people can walk past at any point, ruining the shot.
  19. 19. Aims for next project I learnt how to use rule of thirds effectively to create positive image, I also learnt how to use leading lines and create a good depth of field by using my camera manual settings. I took a lot of images and some I wasn’t happy with however I used a lots of techniques in Photoshop to manipulate these and make them more focussed and for music purposes. I will consider the settings in more details if I did this shoot again because some of them are not appropriate and did not work. I would make sure the models were clear on what they needed to do as sometimes they were unsure.