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Double page for article

  1. 1. Michael Knight returns to his hometown to share his success with the locals and treat them to some amazing gigs. Michael Knight has arrived at MFA studio in Manchester; he has taken time out of his busy schedule to speak to us. He’s here to perform at the O2 Apollo Manchester over 3 nights in March 2014. His first album as a solo artist was released in December 2013 and reached the Top 10 in the UK album chart. Genesis spilt back in 2012 because of musical differences and wanting to explore their own solo careers. Michael Knight wanted to carry on singing so he worked on his album intensely for a whole year, putting in lots of effort, time and dedication. This has paid off because his new album called ‘New Start’ has been a massive success, especially his first single called ‘Rock n Roll Star’. We have Michael Knight with us on our sofa, drinking tea and relaxing before his interview with journalist Megan Robinson, let’s see what he said… Hi Michael, how are you? “Hi Megan, I’m alright but little tired because I have been so busy.” Yeah, I believe so because you reached top ten! Congratulations. “Oh my god, yeah I know, I was so happy! We’ll start our chat now if you don’t mind? No its fine, go ahead” (Michael smiling at Megan) Okay, let’s go. First question… when and how did you become interested in music? “When I was a young boy, my dad had lots of records by ‘The Kinks’ and I too like the music. When I was thirteen I asked my parents for a guitar and I practised whenever I could as I wanted to be in the band like ‘The Kinks’.” The Kinks, really? I never knew that (Michael and Megan was laughing). What else do you do besides play music? “I listen to lots of music; I went to concerts whenever I could. But my real love was Manchester City, I followed them whenever I could and I loved being part of a gang. The atmosphere, the buzz from the football, fashion and the cheeky beers whenever I could which was great especially as I was only 16!” YOU WERE ONLY 16?! Wow. Are you really here for the game or the gig? (Michael winked at me) What is the best song you have produced from your new album and why did you write or decide to play this song? “I’d say the first one on the album is the best; ‘Rock n Roll star’ is all about me as a young boy who wanted to be a top artist. It’s full of anger and balls and if I say so myself it is a fantastic tune!” Tell me what is so special about this song? “It’s about me… that’s why it’s special!!” (Michael and Megan laugh). Why did you choose to play this kind of music?
  2. 2. “It’s rock and roll and if you listen you can hear bits of ‘The Kinks’ in the music and these influenced me when I was a kid.” Talking about influences … Are there any famous musicians you admire and why? “Yes, Ray Davies lead singer of ‘The Kinks’, who is the second greatest song writer of our generation… obviously I AM THE GREATEST!!” (Michael and Megan laugh) Oh, you’re the greatest, are you? (Megan winks at him). What would you say is the craziest thing a fan has done for you? “I met a fan once who had a full picture of me tattooed on her back, which was awesome… but crazy.” (Michael laughing and Megan looks shocked but laughs). No way! Just a few more questions to go, tell me what your favourite song or artist is? “As I said before I really admire ‘The Kinks’ and I would say they are my favourite band and my favourite song by them is ‘You Really Got Me’.” Oh, I have heard that one and it’s good. Where would you say your best gig has been and why? “I love the small venues; Manchester Apollo is the best location because the fans and the acoustics are awesome.” Finally, do you have any plans for the future? “I just want to be happy, stay young and beautiful. God bless and peace to all my fans. Those who are not my fans, it’s your loss.” “Buzz from the football, fashion and the cheeky beers…” “… I AM THE GREATEST!” “Stay young and beautiful. God bless and peace to all my fans.”