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Carrie remake better or worse second draft


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Published in: Education
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Carrie remake better or worse second draft

  1. 1. Carrie – remake better or worse? I am reporting about a film called Carrie which was originally made in 1976 and described as “a spellbinding horror movie”. It is story of a young girl, Carrie White who doesn’t make friends easily; she has a very religious mother Margaret. Carrie’s peers taunt her after an embarrassing incident and her teacher disciplines them. They want revenge but this goes wrong when Carrie’s strange mental powers take over during the school prom. The film made $33.8 million, and was described as one of the best films in 1976. The remake film was released in October 2013 in the United States. It has already made nearly $83,000,000 million.I interviewed a few people who have seen both films and this is what they said… So it seems there are mixed feelings about the remake and that you have to see both films to decide which one is better. Students/Tutors: Which film do you think is better, Carrie 1976 or 2013? Please tell me why you think so? Do you notice any differences in the technology used in 2013? In what ways do you think the horror aspect is different in both these films? There was a sequel to ‘The Rage: Carrie 2’ was released in 1999. It received very negative reviews and was a box office failure. What is your view of sequels to films?