Analysis of results


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Analysis of results

  1. 1. Analysis of Results The aim of this questionnaire was to research into short horror films and the genre. I wanted to find out which age group liked horror films the most and also what scares them so I can put it in my short film. I surveyed 33 people in total. Megan Robinson
  2. 2. Age Group 33 people responded to my questionnaire. 12% were between 13-17, 27% were between 18-25, 9% were between 25-40, 52% were over 40.
  3. 3. Do you like Horror Films? 33 people have answered this question. 64% liked horror films. 36% did not like horror films. I have researched more about which age groups prefer horror films. 100% of 13-17 questioned like horror films. 78% of 18-25 questioned like horror films. 67% of 25-40 questioned like horror films. But only 47% of people aged 40+ liked horror films. It seems that younger people prefer horror films than people who are over 40.
  4. 4. What type of horror films do you like? From my survey, it shows that the most popular horror films are Thriller and Supernatural. The least popular was Slasher. This shows me that supernatural horror film would be a popular choice for my short film.
  5. 5. Which things scare you the most in horror films? Suspense music and characters/objects jumping out at you appear to be the things that scare people the most. I will include these in my short film.
  6. 6. What sounds scare you the most? Creepy suspense and loud bangs scare people the most so I will incorporate these in my short film. I will not consider using natural sounds but may also include silence and screams.
  7. 7. How do you think I should end my short film? My original idea for my horror film was to have a mysterious ending. However, looking at the results of questionnaire, it seems that a twist ending is most popular. I will need to reconsider the ending based on this survey.
  8. 8. Conclusion This questionnaire has helped me with my planning from my short film because it has allowed me to find out about my target audience’s needs and therefore put these into my short film. Originally at the end of my short film I wanted to have a mystery ending but after I completed the questionnaire about how my audience think I should end my short film, it appears that a twist ending is popular. Therefore I will think about whether I do a twist or mystery ending however I still want to include mystery in my short film at some point and I might do a twist throughout the film. These results will therefore allow me to plan better and consider what exactly I put in my short film.