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Graphic Design for Maximum Engagement


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The future is a visual place. The media is dominated by image-based sharing. Carefully designed ads and brands are constantly bombarding us. Such a visually stimulated world raises important questions about visual literacy but it also asks questions about how libraries are communicating without words. What do our materials and use of images say about us? How are we engaging our communities with intentional graphic design?

This session will begin with basic graphic design principles and apply them to various print and electronic materials with the purpose of effectively communicating messages and engaging with communities. Emphasis will be placed on the practical considerations of the design process, software choices, where to find useful materials for including in designs, and places to be inspired. Attendees will leave with many free resource suggestions and an understanding of how to use design principles to create all kinds of materials from handouts and event posters to infographics and syllabi.

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Graphic Design for Maximum Engagement

  1. 1. Maximum Engagement Meggan Frost Paul Smith’s College
  2. 2. Which tastes better?
  3. 3. Fundamentals Shortcuts I will talk about:
  4. 4. 1. Layout • Ask: – What does this need to do? – What are my constraints? – How will I organize the information? – What is the hierarchy? – What is most important? – How will I show importance? With color, texture, placement, or size? – Does the flow make sense? – Is it clear? – What isn't needed?
  5. 5. 2. Color Natural Refined Calming Vibrant Vivid Energizing
  6. 6. Colorzilla
  7. 7. DeGraeve
  8. 8. Design Seeds
  9. 9. 3. Images
  10. 10. Morgue File
  11. 11. Pixabay
  12. 12. The Noun Project
  13. 13. Alana Verminski St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  14. 14. 4. Fonts
  15. 15. 1001 Fonts
  16. 16. DaFont
  17. 17. Typewolf
  18. 18. Solveig Lund Concordia College
  19. 19. Three Shortcuts
  20. 20. Picmonkey
  21. 21. Canva
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Piktochart
  24. 24. Courtney Seymour Union College
  25. 25. Inspiration
  26. 26. Pinterest
  27. 27. Librarian Design Share Plus a note on software…
  28. 28. Learn More!
  29. 29. Questions? Meggan Frost