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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. LZd9Vg4
  2. 2. Academic Goals Personal Goals Career Goals
  3. 3. 1. Do better in my weakest class (Honors Biology) by becoming more organized, studying harder, and not putting things off. 2. Finish the year with all A’s by staying focused and studying hard.
  4. 4.  Not let the small things get to me so that I’m in a better mood more.  Start working out on my own more and eat healthier.
  5. 5. A Nurse (Labor and Delivery or Pre Natal)  The University of Michigan Ann Arbor offers this program.  I am interested in attending the University of Michigan, Stanford, or Michigan State University.  To Accomplish this goal I must maintain a good GPA and want to do it for myself.
  6. 6. Freshmen Sophmore Junior Senior Awards Gold Star Luncheon Grades Semester 1 GPA: 4.1 Academic • Outstanding Achievements Achievements in: Honors Biology, Honors English, Physical Education, Old Testament, Algebra 1. •Most improved in Acting 1. Sports •Freshmen Basketball Team
  7. 7. Iwould want to travel to California because my sister lives there and we always have fun when we are there. I also hope to move to California after I finish school.
  8. 8. Iwould give me money to a children’s hospital, for example Mott’s Children Hospital at the University of Michigan, because I have seen what those kids have to go through and they deserve to be gifted in some way to help them feel like kids again.