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The school of library and information science celebrates


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The school of library and information science celebrates

  1. 1. The School of Library and Information ScienceCelebrates Centennial and Thirtieth Anniversary in 2011 A CENTURY OF KNOWLEDGE, SERVICE AND DELIVERY: LIBRARY EDUCATION 1911-2011 MARIANNE E. GILTRUD, MSLS FEBRUARY 2, 2011
  2. 2. Why Commemorate the Centennial? 1876: American Library Association established 1887: Dewey Decimal System and Melvile Dewey July 2, 1911 : First Library Education Class taught at CUA. 1930 : Four Course Certificate offered 1931: Raganathan’s Five Law’s Published 1937: Department of Library Science Organized 1945: Department officially recognized by Board of Trustees 1960’s : Henriette Avram developed MARC record
  3. 3. The School of Library and Information Science January 1, 1981: Official Status of School led by Elizabeth Stone July 13, 1982: The American Libraries Postage Stamp Issued spearheaded by ALA President, Elizabeth Stone 2006: 25th Anniversary Tea
  4. 4. 1945-46 FacultyMeeting Minutes
  5. 5. Elizabeth W. Stone
  6. 6. The Present
  7. 7. All Digital All the Time
  8. 8. Web Scale Discovery
  9. 9. Find Us…. CUA SLIS CENTENNIAL CUA SLIS Alumni on Facebook: php?gid=29910127169 And Linked In: e=&gid=1030557&trk=anet_ug_hm
  10. 10. The Next 100 Years?
  11. 11. Questions?