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Session e202


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Session e202

  1. 1. Session E202 – Transparency, Planning, & Change: See-Through Libraries Michael Casey, Division Director - Technology, Gwinnett Public Library Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor, Dominican University
  2. 2. What is Google’s Mission?Googles mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. – Ten things Google has found to be true. – Never Settle for the Best!
  3. 3. Public Trust
  4. 4. Old School Transparency
  5. 5. Transparency
  6. 6. Barriers
  7. 7. Open, Barrier Free Communication
  8. 8. The only thing that is constant is change.
  9. 9. Open Communication and Trust
  10. 10. Roadblocks
  11. 11. Roadmap to transparency
  12. 12. New World of Librarianship by Michael Stephens• TAME THE WEB
  13. 13. Michael Casey and Darien Public LibraryA new model in communication
  14. 14. ResourcesCasey, Michael & Stephens, Michael. (2007) The Transparent Library: Introducing the Michaels. Retrieved May 5, 2008 from Library Journal Website : industryid=47356Balter, Dave. (2007) The Strategic Benefits of Transparency. Retrieved May 14, 2008 from Harvard Business Publishing website : _an_tr.htmlCIL 2008 Presentation SlidesMichael Stephen’s Blog Tame the WebMichael Casey’s Blog LibraryCrunchDavid Lee King’s Blog David Lee King