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Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. Endeca Search, InformationAccess and Guided Navigation A presentation to WRLC Libraries January 17, 2007 Marianne E. Giltrud, MSLS
  2. 2. Functionality Keyword searching Relevance ranking Boolean Wild card Subject access Known items searching Faceted classification
  3. 3. Extensibility Taxonomy Tree New Releases Models of relevance Title vs abstract Thesaurus-Create Rules MARC adapters Report Generator-Usage serach terms or browse paths
  4. 4. Interoperability Skins lay over OPAC Exposes exploration and discovery Data driven application Can provide segmented results OPAC and Metalib
  5. 5. North Carolina State University NCSU Libraries – Andrew Pace Browse New Books Narrow Search LCSH Narrow Search – Subject – Genre – Format – Era – Language – Author
  6. 6. Other Examples Harvard Business Online – Most Popular vs.Publication date Barnes and Noble – Book Browser Endeca Demo –