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Color blindness testing


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Color blindness testing

  1. 1. SimpleStCOlOR BliNDNeSS teStWeb based research workColor blindness
  2. 2. Color blindness is a disease of decreasing the ability to see colors or evensometimes a color blind people becomes totally disable to see colors and thuscannot differentiate between colors. It creates a lot of problems in day to daylife. Even in using internet it creates disturbance.The primary colors green, red and blue cannot be seen by a color blind people.Another type of color blinds see only a few color shades where normal peoplecan see more than thousands of color shades. Some others can see a few colorsas an instance, he may be able to see red but cannot see green, cannotdifferentiate between red and green. Others are the mostly terrific; they can seethe whole world as gray, black or white.Color blindness is also known as color deficiency problem or color visionproblem. The main reason behind this problem is genetic or inherited issues.Sometimes aging, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetics are found responsible forcolor deficiency.Am I a color blind or not??It is very important to know this answer for one’s personal wellbeing as colorvision plays a vital role. There are several tests to detect color deficiency.#Card testingOne can easily detect his color blindness or color deficiency by testing throughsome cards containing dots, squares, triangles, stars, various shapes and manyobjects where the normal paper pattern should be one type basically in dots ofsame color and those specific object will be highlighted with different at leastone color. Color blinds cannot differentiate between the cards and cannot detectthe special objects or shapes drawn on the cards. This is a simple test to checkwhether you are color blind or not. In fact this process is one of the mostconventional procedures to check out vision deficiency
  3. 3. Can you see the green dots all over the paper? Are these enough? Don’t you seea star, a circle and a square shapes containing orange outlines?Well, man possessing correct color vision will be able to see green dots all overthe paper, and also above mentioned three different shapes. So you are thinkingabout what will be the condition of color blinds while he is seeing this! Actuallycolor blind people can see the same as a normal one is seeing. So this card willbe seen by everyone having defect or without vision defect in the same way.A color normal person can see a yellow circle and a faint brown square. On theother hand color blind people can see only the yellow circle.
  4. 4. What do you see on this card? Are your answers nothing or just green dots allover the paper? Then it is a matter of vision deficiency or probably you have notlook through carefully. Here exists a faint brown boat also.This card checking includes simple online color blindness tests and is notdiagnosis based. A highly color vision normal people can check out thedifferences of each card within 3 seconds.#Color confusion testHere are three options and the correct color exists among the options. Color
  5. 5. Blind individuals become confused to choice the right color and maximumtimes fail. This is known as color confusion test. For Tritanopia blindness1oneca not differentiate between three choices and supposed that he cannotremember the name of that color. Deuternopia2blind individuals can distinguishbetween three colors but cannot answer properly or just by guessing.Protanopia3blinds report that light adjustment make for them almost impossible to matchcorrect color.#web based color vision testThe test is a movie based which consists of pictures. In each picture there is asquare, which might be hidden if you are suffering from some type of colorblindness. Here is a sample picture:In this picture, the color blind will see several white or transparent boxes.Different severities of color blindness are detected by this test. If the square isnot visible to you for only a few seconds, there is a big chance that you aresuffering some type of color vision deficiency. It’s the simplest color blindnesstest, covering a big range of deficiencies. You only have to watch and see, ifyou always can spot the square.1 a very rare blue-yellow color blindness.2 lack medium-wavelength.3 lack the ability to distinguish between colors in the green-yellow-red section of the spectrum.
  6. 6. #Ishihara testIshihara test is mainly to detect mainly red-green color blindness. This is themost common and widely renowned test for the detection of color deficiency.Dr. Shinobu Ishihara was the inventor of this test. In this test there are severalplates containing dots and in each plate there exists numbers or spiral lines orconnector shapes in different colors. Color blind individuals cannot detect thedifferences and even normal people even find difficulties to pass the testproperly. Generally 38 Ishihara plates are used to go through this test. Here aresome of these:Number on Ishihara platesSpirals on Ishihara plates
  7. 7. #Rainbow testingIt is familiar to all that a rainbow consists of 7 colors. But a rainbow colorscannot be seen by everyone. The color blinds see it differently.Normal man’s view Protanopia Deuteranopia Tritanopiaview view view#Grid style vision testThis test is based on mainly two colors and in between them there will be awhite grid. Those who are color blind cannot detect the objects. This test is eventaken as multiple choice questions where apart with the best answer severalwrong answers are given and color blinds cannot see the objects or colorsproperly and choose wrong answers by guessing only.These were a few color blindness tests which are the most common internetbased tests.