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Film tracking Gambit


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Film tracking Gambit

  2. 2. GAMBITHarry Deane (Colin Firth) is an expert in fine art, and is tired oftaking abuse from his boss. He hatches a plan, to trick the avid artcollector into buying a fake Monet painting. To assist him, he hires arowdy Texas cowgirl (Cameron Diaz) to help him fool the richest manin England. But as their plan unravels he begins to find himself fallingin love with her.
  3. 3. CLASSIFICATION Gambit has been classified as certificate 12A, this limits the target audience to older school children. This is important because it tells parents that the film may contain strong language that they might not want their children to hear. Also this opens up their target audience, making it a lot more accessible to a younger audience.
  4. 4. RELEASE DATES Gambit was released during the autumn and winter months. This is a typical time to release a film with love and romance in due to the cold weather and the Christmas season. The film is aimed at people who are 12 and over, this is so the film with get a lot more viewings due to the up coming holidays. This is also during the movie season which means it will bring in a lot of viewers.
  5. 5. THE DISTRIBUTORS Having a foreign market is important, so the film can be distributed worldwide. Gambit distributors are mostly foreign meaning they think the film will do better in different countries.
  6. 6. THE PRODUCTION COMPANY Theres two production companys involved in the making of Gambit, this is so the film will appear to a wider market.
  7. 7. THE DIRECTOR -MICHAEL HOFFMANThe fact that the director isntvery well known might be a resultin the films downfall. Thedirecting in the film could aslo bepoor resulting in bad acting, ornot being able to make theaudience connect with the actors.
  9. 9. CAMERON DIAZ & COLIN FIRTH Cameron Diaz is taking the lead role for the film as the protagonist ‘PJ Puznowski’, alongside of her is Colin Firth playing ‘Harry Deane’. A lot of people might of seen this film just because Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth are the lead roles, this is known as star appeal. Colin Firth roughly costs about £6 million per film he does, and Cameron Diaz between £10-20 million.
  10. 10. THE GENRE-The fact that the background is white could mean thesetting of the film isnt important.-The man is resting a gun over his shoulder, means he’srelaxed with it. Also its pointing at another person, couldmean he doesnt’t like him and could show how theirrelationship is in the film.- You can guess it could be a comedy seeing as theres a lionin the poster also a playful looking cowgirl.
  11. 11. BOX OFFICE AND OPENING WEEKENDIf a film is distributed to lots of cinemas it allows more people to seeit worldwide, creating a buzz. If a film is shown at many cinemas therewill be a bigger profit, because the audience will have easy access tothe film. Gambit was only shown at 380 screens/theaters, meaningthere wasn’t a lot of money made back.