The harbingers of change


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A case study on Human Resource Management- "The harbingers of change" provided by Prof Anjan Kumar Mazumdar United world School of Business, Mumbai as a part of Assignment.

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The harbingers of change

  1. 1. HRD: THE HARBINGERS OFCHANGESubmitted By :Meghashree Mohan
  2. 2. Case Background Anish Rao a HR Manager, who left Hy-Gin India company situated in Bangalore to join Quality Food India Limited (QFIL) situated in Mumbai. Mr. Rao was recruited by Chairman Mr. D. N. Khanna and Vice President (HRD) Neil Catellino. He was very excited to join QFIL since it was a multiproduct company which manufactured Processed foods, Tetra-packed, Beverages, Agrochemicals. Subsequently Mr. Anish Roa got to know about the Business Crisis prevailing in QFIL but he took it as a challenge and decided to join QFIL.
  3. 3. QFIL Business Issues Hive off the Beverage division Processed food division manufacturing ketchups, canned vegetables jams etc was going through sever crisis Business economist demanded close down of Sewri plant which employed 1200 workers High cost of production and low productivity
  4. 4. Challenges behind Rao Unexpected Situation in new Job. Cope with the new lifestyle in Mumbai away from his hometown Bangalore Management Committee decision – to layoff half the workforce in Sewri plant in next two years Solving grievances of the Union To start from zero base.
  5. 5. Problems prevailing QFIL Unclear strategic planning Higher cost of production No proper communication between sales and production Departments were working in silos Workers (Union was not able to understand the seriousness of the economic crisis) Poor teamwork among the top management Poor management Lack of coordination among the functional Departments
  6. 6. Scope of Improvement Procurement Production Inventory Transportation Sales/Output Reevaluation of company strategy Reduce causes of higher cost of production (increase in cost of Input, poor inventory management, increase in labour cost ,loss while manufacturing ) Improve communication between the line functions Sales restructuring Restructuring of production planning by recruit people specialized in procurement, operations and supply chain management. Excellent Training and developing strategies (Emphasis on Quality) Top management should communicate mission, vision goal purpose Implementation of risk management
  7. 7. Conclusion Mr. Anish Rao happened to join QFIL, where lots of thing had already gone wrong due to faulty decision making by his predecessors and he had no other option other than setting things right from the scratch.