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Native americans and european settlers


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Native americans and european settlers

  1. 1. The Encounters Between Native Americans and European Settlers By Miss Brubaker and Miss Otto
  2. 2. • The Europeans originally went to the Americas, thinking it was Asia, in order to find spices for trade. • The Europeans brought new resources, such as horses, to further advance agriculture. • The Native Americans taught the Europeans to be more dependent on agriculture. Agriculture
  3. 3. • Europeans traded cast medal beads made of silver, brass, and German silver to improve relations with the Native Americans. • The Native Americans were eager to trade furs for metal knives, axe heads, pots, needles, muskets, clot h, and glass beads. • Native American tribes that immediately began to trade with the Europeans had significant advantages over other tribes. Trade
  4. 4. • Europeans began to rely more on agriculture, while the Native Americans began to hunt more. • The Native Americans used to move around a lot, but they began to stay on the same land as the Europeans began to take it. • Europeans used to stay in one place, but gradually began to move farther and farther west. Cultural Exchanges
  5. 5. • Native American tribes began to make alliances with each other in order to team up against the Europeans. • Native American alliances began to use the same European military techniques, such as horses and guns. • The Europeans began to team up to make alliances to get rid of the “lesser” Native Americans. Military Alliances
  6. 6. • The Indian Removal Act was intended for fair exchanges of land but it really forced the Europeans to simply push the Native Americans west of the Mississippi River. • The Treaty of Greenville gave the Native Americans a particular land reservation, but the Europeans quickly took it back. • The Dawes Act of 1887 broke up pieces of land for the different Native American tribes. This land was later taken back and sold by the European settlers. Broken Treaties
  7. 7. • During the Jamestown Massacre, in March 1622, Powhatan killed 347 English men in effort to push the English out of Virginia. • The 500 Year War was referred to as being the American Indian Holocaust, starting when Columbus arrived in 1492. • The Battle of Kelly Creek in 1911 is one of the last massacres between settlers, now Americans, and Native Americans. Massacres
  8. 8. • • • The Native Americans had no concept of owning land because they practiced communal land ownership. This caused conflicts between the control of land between Europeans and the indigenous. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 called for Natives to be removed from the states (their homeland) to federal territory west of Mississippi in exchange for their homeland. In present day, Native Americans do not have much land because of the Europeans. Instead, they live on Indian Reservations. Control Over Land