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Music magazine presentation task


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Music magazine presentation task

  2. 2. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CORETARGET AUDIENCE IS FOR THISPROJECT?The target audience for this magazine would be younggirls, I know this from looking at it because of thecolours, the layout, the stories and the people on thefront. For example they have used colours like pinkbecause this is stereotypically a girls favourite colourwhich for this reason would draw their attention straightto it. The layout is very spaced out but with big font sothat it looks like there are lots of stories but they don‟tlook boring to read about by having lots of writing insmall font. By putting Pink and Avril Lavigne on thefront cover will attract the target audience becausethese are big pop stars that they will idolise and whothey will be into at the time. I think that the age rangefor this magazine would be between 8 and 14 years old.
  3. 3. WHAT INFORMATION CAN YOU LEARN ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE PROFILE/INTEREST OF THE CORE TARGET AUDIENCE FROM THE FRONT COVER?Young girls would like to read these stories because of manyreasons, one of the main reasons is because all the articles in thismagazine are pretty much gossip about pop stars that they look upto and like their music, so therefore that would interest them to buyit as they would want to read about them and know everythingabout them. The sort of stories that are on there that includegossip are „Snogging Madonna was cool” Britney confesseseverything to Smash Hits‟ this would make them want to read itbecause Madonna and Britney would be in the charts so theywould know who they are, by reading this they would be able totalk to their friends about it and know all the gossip because that‟swhat girls that age like to do. Another main thing that they haveincluded in this magazine to attract the target audience to buy it isby giving away free gifts, from reading what the gifts are they don‟tsound very good and they are clearly not expensive tomake, however young girls don‟t have much money and for themto get a magazine and free things as well is an extra and wouldmake them want to buy it again because at that age it is exciting toget a poster to put in your room or a free sweet
  4. 4. WHAT MUSIC MAGAZINE GENRECODES AND CONVENTIONS CANYOU IDENTIFY?The genre for this magazine is pop, many conventionsof pop are being showed in this magazine by havingpop stars on the front looking pretty and glammed up.For example on the front of this Smash Hits are AvrilLavigne and Pink, these are two very powerful popicons, they wear fashionable clothes that can berelatable to the audience and they are also heavilystylised, from all of these elements young girls thatwould read this would want to be like them and dressthe same as them. They also look like they are havinga good time, they arent posing, they are just jumpingup and down and having a good time, which is themood that pop conveys; happy, bubbly and most of itis censored.
  5. 5. WHAT ELEMENTS OF THE HOUSESTYLE CAN YOU IDENTIFY?The elements of the house style that occurthroughout this magazine and most young popmagazines are the colours. The main thing thatoccurs is the colour pink and this is because mostpeople that buy these magazine are young girlswanting to read about their idols, and pink isnormally a girls favourite colour so therefore theywill be more likely to buy this magazine ratherthan the same sort of one with blue on the front.Another thing that they use throughout is big fontsize and a simple front, this is because if it wassmall and there was lots to read girls wouldn‟twant to read it because it looks too much andboring, where as with bigger writing it looks lessboring and when they read it they will be happywith themselves for reading an article and willwant to read more, also if the font is simple it alsolooks easier to read.
  6. 6. SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MISE-EN-SCENEIn the magazine „Q‟ it has Madonna on the front, the image of her is a medium close up. This is affectivebecause it means the full concentration is on her and this is what the publishers would want. She is wearing ablack silk jacket with the hood up, on the hood there is a strip of gold which shows how classy she is, thejacket looks as if it is in the style of a boxing robe. She is holding the hood with her right hand which has aglove on it, but the glove is very unusual as it has her first two fingers in it then her ring finger and her littlefinger out of it, this is very unusual but it is very Madonna because she is trying to make a fashion statement.The back ground is black, this is looks good because it is quite plain which means that your concentration isnot taken away from Madonna and also it blends in with her robe so it looks very sophisticated. Shes alsowearing big hoop earrings that you can really see but they are again Madonna setting one of her fashionstatements. She has quite a sexy pose which sums up Madonna, this goes with the theme of the magazinebecause it is also sophisticated. On the smash hits magazine it has Pink and Avril Lavigne on the front, there images are medium long shot.This is good for this style magazine because it means you can see more of there body, so therefore you canthen see more of what they are wearing which is important for this magazine because the young readerswould prefer to see what they are wearing as they are a fashion icon for them. Pink is in front of Avril Lavigneand she has her hair scraped back, she has her fist out and has a very punk rock ring and bracelet on, she isalso wearing a bikini top with a necklace that has tassels coming down to her waist. Avril Lavigne is jumpingup and down, her hair is swinging and she has one hand up in the air and one in a fist shape like pink. I thinkhow they have set them out is very clever because this is how you would expect to see them in their musicvideos. These two magazines don‟t have much in common, they have many more difference because of the style ofmagazine they are. The main things that they have in similar are that they both give away free gifts. Andanother thing is that they both have quite a simple font style, however these are for different reasons, smashhits reason is so that it doesn‟t look too much for the young readers to read and „Q‟ magazine have it to carryon their sophisticated look. Their main differences are their colour scheme, Smash Hits have loads of differentcolours that stand out like; pink, green, yellow and blue. Where „Q‟ tries to keep it simple with classy colourslike; red, black, silver and white.
  7. 7. LAYOUT AND STYLEOF LANGUAGEThe layout for „Smash Hits‟ is very busy and all over the place, this isbecause they want the magazine to look like there is loads in it and there isloads to read about, they also want to look young for the readers becausethey are young and if it was plain and boring they wouldn‟t want to read it.They have some of their writing in shapes like; rectangles, squares andcircles, this is good because it sections them off and makes it look lessconfusing and more simple for them so they can read the storiesindividually. Their language is very relatable to the target audience becausethey don‟t use big words as they are young, and they say things like „cringe‟this is clever because it is a common word that young girls would say andtherefore they will like to read what is „cringe‟ in the magazine.„Q‟ magazines layout is really simple but classy. They may have wanted it tobe this simple because they wouldn‟t want to over do it and make it lookmessy because by having it simple it also makes it look neat and not messywhich is what adult would want. The language that they use in it is muchmore mature and adult like because that is their target audience, they don‟tuse words like „cringe‟ because they would not like that as it looks reallyyoung and inexperienced.
  8. 8. MUSIC GENRECONVENTIONS„Smash Hits‟ has many pop music genre conventions, the main one isthe colours they have picked, in this case they have chosen very boldcolours that stand out and that would also appeal to the targetaudience; pink, yellow, green, blue and white. Another convention is thepop stars that they have on the front, Pink and Avril Lavigne, at the timethese two stars were the biggest and best in the chart so by puttingthem on the front they will get more sales than if they put someone noteven in the charts on there. Pop music is quite bubbly so this is whythey have lots going on in the front cover to convey the mood.„Q‟ has many alternative pop genre conventions, for example thecolours, red, black and silver are the type of colours you would see onthe front of alternative pop albums. They have listed lots of names andfamous people on the front of the magazine which shows the interestinginterviews that will be in it with people from this genre. They have gotMadonna on the front which is effective because she is the queen ofalternative pop and this will be a strong selling point.
  9. 9. MUSIC ARTISTS FEATURED ANDTHE AUDIENCE THEY APPEAL TO„Smash Hits‟ have the two biggest pop icons at the time on the front ofthis magazine and this is good because the audience which is younggirls will know of them and be into them so therefore will buy themagazine to be able to read about them as well as listen to their music.They also have the Sugababes on the who are also big fashionable andglammed up pop stars. Then there‟s a small photo of Gareth Gateswhich is clever and not uncommon on this sort of magazine, younggirls could fancy him so this is a very big selling point whenever thetarget audience is young girls.„Q‟ only have two photos on the front and only one of the images isreally an important one for the audience and that is the main one ofMadonna, however the fact that they only have one photo isnt a badthing, for this magazine it‟s a good thing because they want it to looksmart and sophisticated. Although they only have one image they stillhave many names on the front of people that are in the magazine andthey still stand out just as much, maybe even more. The fact that theyare in writing and not images will stand out more to the target audiencebecause they are adults and they will buy the magazine more to read itthen look at pictures unlike young girls.
  10. 10. SPECIAL FEATURES ANDARTICLES IN BOTHEDITIONS.„Smash Hits‟ has quite a few special features on the front, but the mainone that stands out is the free things it is giving away, they are givingaway 3 free things and although they arent big or expensive things theywill still draw buyers attention and give it the edge on other magazines.They have loads of „interesting articles‟ that are made to look good onthe front, for examples „most embarrassing stories ever‟ they havephotos to try and show how embarrassing they are supposed to be but Idoubt they will be the most embarrassing stories ever.„Q‟ has more special features than „Smash Hits‟ in my opinion. It has agreat special feature that says „THE 50 BEST BRITISH ALBUMS ASVOTED BY YOU!‟ this sounds interesting because you want to find outwho voted for what the most and especially as it involves the audienceby letting them chose. The main article is about an interview withMadonna, this is huge because she is such a big star, also there is aquote from her interview that says „Stupid question! Next!‟ from this youcan tell that she has an odd personality but you want to read about it tosee if she says anything else like that in it.
  11. 11. WHAT OVERALL TECHNIQUESARE USED TO MAKE YOU READTHE COMPLETE MAGAZINE.The main technique that they have used to make you read thecomplete magazine is the house style, this is important becauseit contains many important things that attract the targetaudience.„Smash Hits‟ have used the same colours throughout themagazine to keep the buyers wanting to read and still feelinglike it is a girly pop magazine. Another thing is the bubbliness ofthe front cover with things scattered all over the front becausethey wouldn‟t want blocks of articles with lots of writing theywould want a lot going on. Another thing they would have usedto make them read the complete magazine is using youngslangy language throughout so the girls still relate to it and haveit on their level.„Q‟ magazine has kept the same level of sophistication throughout because the target audience would have brought themagazine because of the cover so would like it to carry on allthe way through the magazine.
  12. 12. MODE OF ADDRESSThe mode of address normally used in language, for example it might say„you‟ or „do you want‟ it involves the reader.„Smash Hits‟ has only two modes of address, the first one is when it says“Who‟ll win the battle of the rock chicks?” this would make the girls want toread it because its like asking them so they would want to get involved. Thesecond one is how Pink and Avril Levigne are looking into the camera andsticking their fists out. I think the reason that they haven‟t included many isbecause young readers don‟t really understand or even notice them, so itsmore about the colours, who is in it and if they are giving anything away forfree. And in this case the editors have done all of those things to the fullextent by using stereotypical girl colours, big pop stars and three free giftsaway, and for this magazine that works.„Q‟ is slightly different, they involve one direct mode of address, and that itwhen they say „THE 50 BEST BRITISH ALBUMS AS VOTED BY YOU!‟ and the„you‟ part is the important bit and this is because it is about the reader orpossible buyer, this is effective because it makes them feel involved andnoticed by the magazine publisher and everyone involved in it. However thereason that they have only used it once is because they want them to feelinvolved but they don‟t want to change the sophistication or classiness ofthe magazine.