Investigating magazine institutions


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Investigating magazine institutions

  1. 1. Investigating MagazineInstitutions.By Meg Allard
  2. 2. Bauer Media.The Bauer Media company was founded in 1875, they are privatelyowned by the Bauer family and have been going for four generations. Originally they were a small printing house, they launched their firstmagazine in the UK in 1987 called Bella, due to this they then becamethe third largest publishers. Over the years they have developed andare now a world-wide company. They publish 282 magazinesthroughout 15 countries. In 2008 they purchased Emap Consumer Media and Emap Radio tobecome the biggest publishers in the UK. They produce many big name magazines, such as; Closer, Empire,FHM, Grazia, Heat, Q and Kerrang.Out of their 282 magazines only 3 of which are music magazines;Kerrang, Q and MOJO. Although they only publish two, these are bothvery big and successful magazines which shows that they are the bestin the business.
  3. 3. IPC MEDIA.The International Publishing Corporation was formed in 1963 after the UK’sthree leading magazine published came together to make it do so. IPCMagazines was created five years later in 1968. Over the years IPC has had many take overs; its most recent parent companytake-over was Time Inc. Cooperation. The take-over acquired involving allcompanies without any significant change in management. In 1965 IPC set up a management development department to ensure thatall their different convergences werent in competition with each other theseare; IPC Newspaper, IPC Magazines, IPC Trade and Technical, IPC Books, IPCPrinting and IPC New Products. They publish 76 magazines in total and they have many big name ones, suchas; Now, Nuts, Soap Life, NME and Woman’s Weekly. Out of the 76 magazines only two of which are music magazines; NME andUncut. NME is a very big successful magazine which reflects really well on thecompany.
  4. 4. Future Publishing.Future Publishing was founded in 1985 in Somerton, Somerset. They are a magazine and internetpublishing company that operate in the UK, the US and Australia. In 2006 they were the sixth largest in theUK. They publish over 150 magazines in all different categories; video games, film, photography and more. They are the official magazine company of all three major game console manufactures; Xbox 360: TheOfficial Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and Nintendo: The Official Magazine. The founder of Future Publishing, Chris Anderson, sold the company in 1994 for £52.4 million, he thenbrought it back in 1998 for £142. In 2009 Future’s profits started to fall rapidly and they were left with a loss of 61%. They publish many big name magazines; Xbox 360: The Official, Windows magazine and Classic Rock. They publish 11 music magazines, ten in the UK and one in Australia.UK- Australia-• Classic Rock Guitarist.• Classic Rock Presents AOR• Classic Rock Presents Prog• Computer Music• Future Music• Guitar Techniques• Guitarists• Metal Hammer• Rhythm• Total Guitar
  5. 5. Development Hell.Development Hell Limited is an independent media company that is based inIslington, London. They publish Mixmag which is the markets leadinginternational dance music magazine. Mixmag has an iPad app, a TV channel and Mixmag events, all of thesethings are great for sales, for example, nowadays things are a lot moretechnical and advanced and most people do things via computer, phone oriPad so to move the magazine market to this it would increase their sales byquite a large margin. Mixmag has been owned by three different companys, they were originallyowned by DMC Publishing, however in the mid 1990’s EMAP Ltd bought themagazine, then later on in 2005 Development Hell purchased it and still do tothis day. Development Hell does not have a lot of information about the company onthe internet, this could be because they have been set up purely for Mixmag;this may make the company not look as big or as successful as othercompanys such as Bauer because they have a nice website with lots ofinformation.
  6. 6. BBC Magazines.BBC Magazines are the UK’s fourth largest consumer magazinepublisher. They sell over 82 million magazines every year whichshows how successful they are. They are now part of a new venture called Immediate Mediapublishing house, this enables them to publish better qualityand quantity of magazines. BBC Magazines are such a big, well known company that onein four adults read a BBC title every month. BBC try to engagewith the readers and give them what they want, they do this bytrying to convey the readers passion and write about what theywant to read. They publish 25 big name magazines such as; Top Gear, Top ofthe Pops, Girl Talk and Bob the Builder. They publish two music magazines, Top of the Pops and RadioTimes.
  7. 7. Why would an institutions want topublish more than one musicmagazine?An institution would want to produce more than one music magazinefor a number of reasons, the main reason that they would want to doso is because they would have a larger range of customers, this wouldthen lead to more profits and more recollection. For example Bauermusic publish three of the biggest music magazines, MOJO, Q andKerrang, these are very popular magazines with a large fan base.Kerrang is rock magazine, MOJO has a range of genre’s from pop, torock to reggae and Q magazine focuses on pop and rock, by havingthese three magazines covering almost every genre they will then drawin a lot more buyers than if they only published one. Development HellLtd are an example of an institution that only publish one musicmagazine, ‘Mixmag’. ‘Mixmag’ is a dance magazine, although it ispopular its sales are not as high as all three of Bauers. By only havingthe one magazine this affects the success of the company and how wellknown they are.
  8. 8. What are the advantages for a company of offering their audience cross-media links?The advantages for a company to offer cross-media links to their audience is that they areguaranteed to get a larger audience which would then result in more sales and more in-come. Forexample, when a new film comes out they will advertise it through many different media links.Some of these are; audio, moving image, non-interactive and more.Another way in which it will be brought to peoples attention is to advertise it non-interactively,this would be on a billboard or in a magazine, these really stand out as they usually have a reallyeffective image of the product. Having said that these adverts are non-interactive, they areincreasingly providing additional links to other media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. This is just one of the cross-media links used to advertise almost everything in our day and age.Another cross-media link to advertise it would be to have it advertised at the side of websites, thismeans it will be brought to the attention of the target audience.
  9. 9. Why is the studying of institutionsuseful?I believe that by studying institutions it is usefulbecause it helps me to understand what goes intothem and how they have been developed and evolvedover the years. I have also learnt what an institutionactually is, what they do and how they do it. This helpsme in my work because rather than just looking at thedesign of a magazine I will look closer at some of thesmaller details that do not always stand out, also itwill help me in developing my own music magazinebecause I have been inspired by some of thepublishers and what they do so therefore I may decideto base my magazine and ideas around them.
  10. 10. What do you understand by the term‘cross-media platforms’?I understand cross-media platforms to be where the audience can read themagazine or see it in a different way and format. For example the sun havetheir newspaper that has been around for years, however now everything isadvancing they have decided to step up and advance with it too and they nowhave the sun website where people can read the latest news that would be inthe newspapers on the internet for free without having to go out and get it. Development Hell Ltd is an example of a magazine publishing company thatdo this, they have their magazine ‘Mixmag’ as an iPad app and a TV channel,by having it as an iPad app it means that people can stream it too theirphones, this is much easier and more simple than buying the magazine andthat is why people do it, this will benefit them because they will get a lot moreinterest as they will like how this institution is keeping up with technology. Bauer also do this because they offer a Kerrang TV channel, this means thatpeople who buy Kerrang’s magazines and like the music that they feature in it,can then listen to the style of music on the television.