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ppt for bros


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ppt for bros

  1. 1. why suzanne & meghan should be invited to chill sess….sh (how is that even spelled?)
  2. 2. well why the hell not?• we have nothing better to do• seriously, you guys are our only friends
  3. 3. We are not grossly feminine.• yuck
  4. 4. we are fully capable of being bros
  5. 5. we are not OAGs
  6. 6. we DO like video games and guy shit• even if we suck
  7. 7. we don’t require cuddliness• that’s for alone time ;)
  8. 8. If not explicitly invited, we feel univited• i mean seriously, how do you expect us to know about this shit• this makes us sad :(
  9. 9. how to invite someone a helpful guide
  10. 10. the casual encounterINVITOR: heyINVITEE: wassapINVITOR: you wanna come chill later?INVITEE: sureINVITOR: cool
  11. 11. the phone callINVITOR: heyINVITEE: supINVITOR: you busy?INVITEE: nopeINVITOR: wanna chill?INVITEE: yaINVITOR: cool
  12. 12. don’t forget details!• nothing fancy• just time and place• that’s fine
  13. 13. THANK YOU