Video scripting


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Video scripting

  1. 1. Video Scripting
  2. 2. David Guerrera film maker
  3. 3. Into the Pit
  4. 4. What makes something spread? Timing Significance Proximity Prominence Human Interest Quirk / Humor
  5. 5. Online Video -- A few facts 80% Of Worldwide Internet Users Watch Online Video comScore released web video consumption results in September, 2009 which indicated that 85% of people online consumed an average of 10 hours of video a month online. Marketing Sherpa, for the second year in a row Video Marketing is the top priority for marketers surveyed, ahead of SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and all other online marketing tactics
  6. 6. How to write for video Know your audience 30 seconds or less (TV) No more than 3 minutes (Web) Tight, potent sentences. Be memorable Call to Action SEO (Web)
  7. 7. Online Video and SEO • Have a clear, descriptive title, • Include as many accurate tags as you can • Think about how a user would likely find it (“funny video”) • Robust description and careful categorization • YouTube now has the ability to place captions on its videos.This transcript can be searched and indexed by the engines. …and you must take part.
  8. 8. Commercial Scripts
  9. 9. Turning a bad commercial into a good one
  10. 10. PSA Scripts
  11. 11. Time for a Break?
  12. 12. Formal Video Script Format
  13. 13. Journalism assignment | Due 11/9 Pitch Interviews DUE
  14. 14. The Assignment• A journalism feature story• At least two interviews• 1000 -1500 words Graded on: • Strength of the pitch/idea • Quality of the narrative • Grammar • Interviews
  15. 15. Straight News Story •Straight Lead •Attributed •Explication •Short sentences •Clean •Short paragraphs •Objective •Active verbs •Fact-filled “Lawrence Summers, the former Harvard president who has been serving as a top economic aide to President Obama during turbulent economic times, will return to Harvard as a professor at the end of the year, the White House announced today.”
  16. 16. Feature Profile/Feature: • Delayed lead • Creative description • Distinctive Ending The feature does a bit more. It also may: • Interpret or add color to the news • Instruct • Entertain “For most of us, computer programming isn’t a simple task. Neither is flying an airplane. But for Wachusett senior Mark Patterson, learning how to do both wasn’t all that difficult. “