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Social Sourcing Presentation

  1. 1. Finding sources through social media
  2. 2. Calls to Action • Post on any channel you have. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, personal blog...think outside the box • Always offer a way to contact you (email address or phone number) • Have you seen anyone posting a status, tweet, etc. about your subject? Get in touch! • Should never be the end of the story
  3. 3. Twitter Advanced Search Basics • • Use keywords to find people tweeting about your subject near Boone • Use "Boone, NC" or 28607, not 28608 • Quotations around search term if you want those words together • Example
  4. 4. Twitter Search Operators • quotations for exact phrase • love OR hate (finds tweets containing either "love" or "hate") • beer -root (finds tweets with "beer," but not "root") • search a hashtag or @handle • :) :( search with a positive or negative attitude • filter:links
  5. 5. Finding sources on Facebook • Search public posts (see more results) • Search friends' posts • Filter people searches by location • More resources:
  6. 6. Building a Network • Follow the right people (leaders around the university, local news sources) and you'll see news surface • Who are they following? • Who covers what you cover? • Build Twitter lists (example) • Pre-built lists
  7. 7. Suggested Twitter Lists • ASU/Boone news: • Journalists • Great college newspapers: newspapers • ASU football: • More: