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aviation assignment


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aviation assignment

  1. 1. aviation assignment
  3. 3. DEVELOPMENT OF AVIATION INDUSTRY. India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. In the recent years this sector has seen A significant growth in terms of income and passengers. There are many factors which has great support for such developments. They are:-
  4. 4. Low cost air lines are the need of the days. A low cost airline is one that proffers air travel at normally very low rates by cutting down expensive customer services. These low cost airlines are also called no-frills airlines. Because of the low cost airlines more peoples are attracted towards air traveling. Due to low airfares offered by low cost carriers it has resulted in higher demand for air transport by the passengers. low cost airlines
  5. 5. list of low cost airlines spice jet go air indigo jet lite jet airways sahara air india air deccan jagson airlines
  6. 6. world's first low cost airline. The idea of low cost carrier originated in US . Founded in Dallas Texas. South west airlines was the first to provide low cost services to passengers. india's first low cost airline. Deccan became the first low cost airline of India. It flies to 65 cities across India. Deccan’s main base is Bangalore.
  7. 7. features of low cost airlines- The business model of low cost carriers includes the following features- 1] A single passenger class. 2] A single type of aircraft for maintenance, 3] Flying to cheaper, 4] Less congested secondary airports, 5] Short flights & fast turnaround flight, 6] Avoiding agent commission. 7] Employees working in multiple role.
  8. 8. history of low cost airlines
  9. 9. AIR DECCAN. Formerly known as Air Deccan, the airline was previously operated by Deccan Aviation. It was started by Captain G. R. Gopinath and its first flight took off on 23 August 203 from Hyderabad to Vijay Wada.
  10. 10. jetlite The airline was established on 20 September 1991 and began operations on 3 December 1993 with two Boeing 737-200 aircraft as Sahara Airlines
  11. 11. go air. Promoted by the Wadia group, Go Air is one of the popular low cost airline. currently it covers 13 destinations. Go Air operates with state-of-the-art airbus.
  12. 12. spice jet Spice Jet was earlier known as Royal Airways. It is based in New Delhi. It has an aggressive marketing strategy. Spice Jet marked its entry in service with Rs. 99 fares for the first 99 days, with 9,000 seats available at this rate.
  13. 13. increased no. of domestic airlines Domestic airlines are helping the growth of aviation industry. They are spreading into all parts of country especially the Remote one’s. therefore airports are forced to grow along with the aircraft population, more maintenance facilities required therefore more people find aviation related jobs.
  14. 14. india's improving ECONOMY Economic development in India had increased standard of living & purchasing power of people. More than this the governments ‘ open sky policy ’ has fuelled the development of aviation industry in India. Due to this Flying for the common man is equal to long distance rail fares in AC class
  15. 15. task - ii
  16. 16. CABIN CREW
  17. 17. Flight attendants or cabin crew are members of an airlines primarily to ensure the safety but also the comfort of passengers aboard
  18. 18. personal attributes required by cabin crew. There are some of the personal qualities required by the cabin crew to carry out their roles & responsibility. these are the one which classify them as do they are capable or not.
  19. 19. confidence Confidence is the first and the most important quality required by the cabin crew to survive in aviation industry. if the person is confident he is able to achieve any goal he desires and can overcome all the difficulties in his profession.
  20. 20. positive attitude. Attitude can be defined as point of view of a person or thought process of person . A person with positive attitude has a great opportunity to analyze and develop their personality fastly. A positive person is always sure, confident, focused, and alert and all-rounder. It increases his courage and confidence.
  21. 21. rationality A person is said to be rational if he has logical reason for the decision he has taken in life in any situation. Rationality means taking decision by mind and not by your heart. The best way to be a rational person is to start conditioning our mind. Rationality has many benefits such as- Easy success Sign of maturity. Rise in self-esteem.
  22. 22. persistence Persistence can be defined as ability to try hard till you succeed. To achieve a desired goal and still continue efforts. The best meaning of persistence is continuing or consistency .A consistent person also treats his defeat as a lesson to his victor.
  23. 23. honesty or descipline Success in life cannot be achieved without discipline. A disciplined person is also a good time-manager. One should always be honest while following his planned timetable. One should not delay the important work for no Reason.
  24. 24. flexibility. As a flight attendant one should have the ability to group his flights together in a given month and have 1-2 weeks off every month. Since you are able to move schedule around to suit your personal life you are also able to escape the nine to five job.
  25. 25. task 5
  26. 26. Airbus is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufactures, and it consistently capture approximately half or more of all orders for airlines with more than 100 seats. Up gradation in Airbus Profile Airbus A-300/A310 Airbus A-320 Airbus A-330/A-340 Airbus A350 Airbus A380 what is airbus ?
  27. 27. pictures of airbus
  28. 79. task 6
  30. 83. engines The A-380 is a large four engine, double decked wide body capable of carrying, in the normal configuration of first class, business and economy, some 550 passengers and all their luggage The A-300 series , on the other hand, is smaller with two engines and a normal seating capacity of between 80 and 150, depending on the exact model. airbus 300 airbus 380
  31. 84. of airbus 300 of airbus 380 engines
  32. 85. cabin The A380 produces 50% less cabin noise than a 747 and has greater cabin air pressure, equivalent to an altitude of 1,524 m (5,000 ft) versus 2,438 m (8,000 ft). Both features are expected to reduce the effects of travel fatigue. [76] [77] The upper and lower decks are connected by two stairways, fore and aft, wide enough to accommodate two passengers side-by-side. Its maximum certified carrying capacity is 853 passengers in an all-economy-class configuration ] The two full-length decks and wide stairways allow multiple seat configurations of the Airbus A380 . In the 300 cabin, seat pitch can be adapted in units of one inch. Galleys, lavatories and stowage's can be located in different numbers, groupings and locations. In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowage. These make for an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors airbus 300 airbus 380
  33. 86. cabin airbus 300 airbus 380
  34. 87. cockpit airbus 300 airbus 380
  35. 88. cockpit The last version of the A300 produced was the A300-600. This aircraft has an "all glass" cockpit that uses digital technology. It has CRT displays but also still has some analog instruments. Airbus used similar cockpit layout, procedures and handling characteristics Accordingly, the A380 features an improved glass cockpit , and fly-by-wire flight controls linked to side-sticks airbus 300 airbus 380
  36. 89. safety instructions
  37. 90. safety equipments used in airbus 300 & 380
  38. 92. smoke goggles
  39. 93. first aid kit CHOKING
  41. 95. asbestos gloves
  42. 96. crash axe
  43. 97. seatbelts
  44. 98. defibriiators
  45. 99. megaphones
  46. 100. oxygen mask
  47. 101. my future in this picture
  48. 102. my future in aviation industry My future is to be in this industry, this industry is the one of the fastest growing industry in the world and I would like to be in this industry as far as I am fit and healthy, I see myself as a very successful cabin crew in future
  49. 103. By doing this research I have got many benefits to myself. Few benefits I gained by doing this research are Before doing, this project I did not had any knowledge of aviation industry after doing lot of research I got a sufficient amount of knowledge about this industry. benefits of research I got aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this Industry and their effect on us & also various types of airbus
  50. 104. thank you