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People soft base benefits


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People soft base benefits

  1. 1. PeopleSoft Base Benefits By Raju Pvk
  2. 2. Agenda Base Benefits Overview Base Benefits Business Process  Building Blocks In Base Benefits  Introduction to Vendor, Benefit Plan, Benefit Plan Type, Benefit Program  Types of Benefit Plans Implementing Base Benefits & Employee Enrollment Base Benefits Table Information
  3. 3. Base Benefits Overview PeopleSoft Base Benefits Provides you tools that you need to manage entire benefits to employees In an Organization Create unlimited Benefit plans and we can group them into a particular Benefit type (ex: Benefit plans are like health, savings, pension etc) Track Information on Benefit providers Enroll employee dependents into payroll process Base Benefits can be integrated to other PeopleSoft applications like NA Payroll , Benefits Administration, Pension Administration etc Administer COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) coverage for qualified participants Print HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) reports.
  4. 4. Base Benefits Business ProcessThe Manage Base Benefits business process includes four core phases of operation:1. Set up supporting tables and benefit plans. ( i.e. Based on business needs we can set up Benefit providers, dependent Info, coverage codes, coverage group codes and etc )2. Build benefit programs.3. Assign employees to benefit programs and enroll them in plans for which their program enrollment4. Calculate rates and benefit deductions.
  5. 5. Base Benefits Structure Benefit Program Benefit Plan Type Benefit Plan Core Benefit Tables
  6. 6. Complete Core Tables Information Core Tables are initial parameters need to set up before implementing base benefits Some of the core tables that we can set up are• Benefit Providers Benefit Certifications• Dependents Leave Vacation / Buy Sell Earnings• Coverage Codes• Coverage Group Codes• Benefit Rates• FEGLI Codes(Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Codes)• Calculation Rules• Deduction Codes
  7. 7. Benefit Provider Information• Benefit Provider is also known as Vendor• Benefit provider is the entity that sponsors the benefit plan that your company offers to your employees• Benefit Provider can be Vendor ,Garnishment payees ,Tax collectorsNavigation :• Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Provider/Vendor Table  SetID : Related to country code  Vendor Id : Give Benefit Provider Name
  8. 8. Vendor ImplementationPage : Vendor Information• Navigation:Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Provider/Vendor Table/Vendor Information Name :Enter Payee Name Status :Select As Approved
  9. 9. Vendor Implementation ContinuesPage : Addresses• Navigation:Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Provider/Vendor Table/Addresses Address Type: Enter the one or more addresses for the vendor. If you are using PeopleSoft Payables at least one address should be the remittance address. This is the address that is used when creating payment vouchers.
  10. 10. Vendor Implementation Continues Page :Locations ,Contacts • Navigation: Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Provider/Vendor Table/ Remit Vendor : To Whom Payments are Sequence No: Automatically Generatedmade Select Type Of Contact Link Bank accounts, Comments, Payment Map Address to contactsOptions Enter company web site info
  11. 11. Vendor Implementation ContinuesPage :Policy Information• Navigation:Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Provider/Vendor Table/ Policy Information  General Policy URL ID :Select the vendors website address that provides general policy information.  Authorized Providers URL ID :Select the vendors website address that contains a list of authorized participating providers
  12. 12. Benefit Plans• Benefit Plans are benefits that you are offering to your employees• A plan is always subordinate to a plan type Navigation :• Set Up HRMS /Product Related/Base Benefits/Plans and Providers /Benefit Plan
  13. 13. Types Of Benefit Plans• Health Plans• Life Insurance Plans• Savings Plan• Leave Plans• Retirement Plans• Pension Plans• FMLA Plans (Family Medical Leave Act Plan)• Disability Plan• FSA Plan (Flexible Spending Accounts)• Vacation Buy/Sell Plan
  14. 14. Benefit Plan Type• Plan types are essential in a benefit program• They group individual plans or options that may be elected by an employee for a particular type of benefit  Benefit Plan Type :10 (Medical)  Benefit Plan Name :A1  Fill Set Id, Vendor Id (Core Tables)  Pay Mode (Fill the Pay Mode Options when using NA Payroll)  EDI Options (Enter a value that is included in the HIPAA file)
  15. 15. Benefit Program• A benefit program is a collection of benefits that are offered to a group of employees• Use the Benefit Program Table to establish a program for employees, link the appropriate plan types to it, and associate a variety of rules• The Benefit Program Table brings together all of the information that relates to a benefit program• Navigation : Set Up HRMS / Product Related / Base Benefits / Program Structure / Benefit Program Table
  16. 16. Implementation Of Benefit ProgramNavigation :• Page : Benefit Program Set Up HRMS / Product Related / Base Benefits / Program Structure / Benefit Program Table / Benefit Program Benefit Program Name : BAS Program Type :Automated/Manual  Currency Code : Select From Prompt Dependent Limits :This group box defines the age at which dependents are no longer eligible for health benefits Remaining all are different core tables & COBRA related options
  17. 17. Implementation Of Benefit Program ContinuesNavigation:• Page : Plan Type and Option Set Up HRMS / Product Related / Base Benefits / Program Structure / Benefit Program Table / Plan Type and Option Plan Type: Select the plan type that you want to add or display Option – Eligibility Tab Enter the options available to the employee for the designated plan type in this section.
  18. 18. Implementation Of Benefit Program ContinuesNavigation:• Page : Cost Set Up HRMS / Product Related / Base Benefits / Program Structure / Benefit Program Table / Cost Rate type: Identifies the type of rate (flat amount, age-graded, etc.) associated with this plan type and benefit option combination. Calc TbLID : Identifies the calculation rule linked to the plan type and benefit option combination.
  19. 19. EnrollmentNavigation:Benefits /Enroll In Benefits /Assign to Benefit Program  Benefit Program : Enter the Benefit Program  Currency Code will be displayed Automatically based on selection of benefit program Once done with benefit program enrollment , Enroll employees into benefit plans  Note : If you run a payroll before you enter a benefit program, payroll cannot process the employee.
  20. 20. Enrollment Summary• Page :Benefit Enrollment Summary• Navigation : Benefits /Review Employee Benefits / Current Benefits Summary /Benefit Enrollment Summary
  22. 22. Summary & Conclusion• Base Benefits is a step by step process in organizing benefits to employees• Four typical steps are Make core tables ready Attach all core details to benefit plans Attach benefit plans to Benefit program Enroll Employee• Peoplesoft’s provides different ways to organizations to offer complete end-to- end benefit solution for their employees e Benefits Benefits Administration Base Benefits Suppliers • Run the payroll to process the Employee Benefits