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Global payroll

  1. 1. PeopleSoft Global Payroll MD ISMAIL Envytee Info Solutions,Inc.,
  2. 2. Difference between PeopleSoft NA Payroll & Global Payroll
  3. 3. North American Payroll from PeopleSoft Works as delivered for all of US and Canada and is a stable product. Earnings, Deductions and Taxes are the basics. Depend upon programming code to make any changes.
  4. 4. NA Payroll Data Tables  PAYGROUP_TBL Pay groups  PAY_CALENDAR Pay Calendar  PAY_PAGE Payroll Page  PAY_LINE Payroll Line  PAY_CHECK Pay Check  PAY_EARNINGS Pay Check Earnings  PAY_DEDUCTION Payroll Deductions  PAY_DISTRIBUT Payroll Deposit Distribution  PAY_OTH_EARNS Payroll Other Earnings  PAY_GARNISH Payroll Garnishment  PAY_TAX U.S. Payroll Tax
  5. 5. Global Payroll – the delivered PeopleSoftInternational solution The Concept of Global Payroll Core Global Payroll Structure o Organization o Process o Calendar Payroll Process Global Payroll Tables o Core Data Tables o Country Extension Tables Handling a country NOT delivered by the Global Payroll solution
  6. 6. The Concept of Global Payroll Controls all aspects of the payroll operation in a multinational environment. It supports multiple countries, languages, currencies and Country specific processing requirements. Enable production of multinational payrolls that fully comply with local country requirements. Able to configure your payroll system online.
  7. 7. The Concept of Global Payroll Global Payroll is composed of two parts:  A core payroll application that includes:  A payroll rules engine.  A payroll processing framework.  Processes and setup that apply to all countries.  Country extensions that include:  Statutory and customary objects.  Country-specific rules and elements.
  8. 8. Country Extensions Country Extensions are built using the Core Application as the base. Country Extensions takes care of : Statutory and Customary Rules including earnings, deductions, absence entitlements, accumulators (Grosses) etc. Self-Service Applications. Statutory Reports
  9. 9. The Concept of Global Payroll Core Core application  Handles payroll and absence processing  Enables fine-tuning of the design of the payroll system.  Can be configured online without changing source code. Global Payroll contains no application-specific rules or code. Using pay items called elements, rules are built that determine what components are calculated
  10. 10. Element• Global Payroll is designed on Element based Concept. Element is the smallest component of Global Payroll. Building blocks that define and form the payroll system. It can be used anywhere in the payroll system
  11. 11. The Concept of Element in an application Can name and define many ELEMENTS in Global Payroll  Earnings  Deductions  Formulas  Probation rules  Rounding rules  Accumulators ELEMENTS provide system flexibility Functional team members can do most of the maintenance and changes
  12. 12. Pay Item Name (PIN) A ‘PIN’ number is a numerical identifier for an element. Each element has a unique PIN number associated with it. PIN numbers are referenced through programs and table structure of the Global Payroll product.
  13. 13. Eligibility group It helps in defining the earnings/deduction/absence entitlement/absence take elements that a payee is eligible for. It contains one or more element groups. It helps in controlling what set of employees receive which earnings/deduction elements. It doesn’t mean that all the elements in the eligibility group will be calculated and paid to the payee just because he is mapped to the eligibility group.
  14. 14. ORGANIZATION: Eligibility Group
  15. 15. Organization Pay Group
  16. 16. Organization Pay Entity
  17. 17. Process StructureProcess List1. Calculation Type indicates Whether Process list is for a Absence or Payroll process2. Specifies the elements, via Sections, and the order to be processed and resolved.3. Indicates the gross & net pay elements.Section1. Grouping of Elements and maintains the order of those to be processed and resolved in the Process lists.2. Sections can be reused in multiple process lists.3. Section use indicates whether Section can be used in payroll process.
  18. 18. Payroll Process
  19. 19. Processing StepsReviewing Results: The system places the payee in error when it encounters any problem during the calculate program. Various inquiry pages can be used to review the summary results. A log file is generated every time the payroll process is run to know whether the process executed successfully.
  20. 20. Global Payroll Tables  GP_ACC_LINE Global Payroll Accounting Line  GP_ACC_LINE_STG GP Accounting Line Stating Record  GP_CALENDAR Global Payroll Calendar Table  GP_PI_GEN_DATA Generated PI Data  GP_RSLT_ERN_DED Result Table for ERN and DED  GP_RSLT_GPI_VW Result View of Gen PI  GP_RSLT_PI_DATA Result of PI Data  GP_RSLT_ACUM Global Payroll Accumulators  GP_RSLT_PIN Global Payroll Results  GP_CAL_PRD Calendar period dates  GP_PIN PIN (Pay Item Number) table  GP_PYE_PRC_STAT Pay Process Stat (status) record  GP_PYE_SEG_STAT Segment Stat record  GP_OFFCYCLE Off-Cycle Calendar
  21. 21. Global Payroll TablesCountry Extension Tables Country Extension Tables:  GPxx_tablename Where “xx” is the country abbreviation, e.g. AUSTRALIA extension tables  GPAU_ABS_RSLT Payslip absence result values  GPAU_EE_ETP Employee’s ETP Certificate BRAZIL extension tables  GPBR_LOAN_PAY Loan payments  GPBR_PAYMENT Banking process
  22. 22. Handling a country NOT delivered by theGlobal Payroll solution• PeopleSoft was NOT delivered with business rules to run Global Payroll in India. (Any country other than US)• ABC Organization should write the rules and gained understanding of the rules• Custom setups were needed for Indian Regulatory requirements.
  23. 23. Handling a country NOT delivered by theGlobal Payroll solution• Custom processes were required for Pay slips (Checks and Advices) and Direct Deposit.• Custom India Pay slip Template pages were built.• Custom table required to hold check numbers and payee check data.
  24. 24. Summary and Conclusion Implementing Global Payroll is completely different from North American Payroll. Even using “delivered” country extensions is no guarantee that customizations will be avoided It is possible to implement a country that is not in the delivered Country Extensions list.
  25. 25. About Envytee Envytee is one of the fastest growing technology-driven, multifaceted service provider based in the State of Texas. With more than 9 years of industry experience in the technology market place Envytee is well known for its strong technical capabilities ... Our Expertise PeopleSoft Oracle Siebel Microsoft Technologies SAP Java App Testing Services Application Outsourcing Services Our Contact USA INDIA Envytee Info Solutions, Inc., Envytee Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 10707 Corporate Dr, Suite 162 Plot No:2, Stafford, TX 77477 Chandragiri, Phone: 281-277-0567 Trimulgherry Fax: 800-853-4224 Secunderabad – 500015 AP, Phone: 040-4018-9322