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Delightful and tremendous taj mahal


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Delightful and tremendous taj mahal

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  2. 2. TAJ MAHAL HISTORYThe historical monument Taj Mahal is one of the seventhwonder of the world which was built by the Mughalemperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved lovingdead wife Mumtaj Mahal. He made this Mahal to showinghis eternal love towards his wife. The construction workfor this great monument completed on the year 1653.Various precious stones imported from foreign countries
  3. 3. TAJ MAHAL CONSTRUCTION/ARCHITECTUREThe wonderful edifice of Mughal era is a fusion of Hindu,Persian and Mughal era architecture. To see the marvelousarchitecture is every tourist’s desire. The central dome is58 ft in diameter and the mausoleum is surrounded withlush Charbagh garden. You can see the marvelousreflection of Taj through the water tank located amidst
  4. 4. FACTS ABOUT TAJ MAHALTaj is one of the evergreen monuments among thetourists but some of the facts are still in hidden form.Some of the facts are Shah Jahan lost Mumtaz aftergiving birth to their 14th child. 28 varieties of semi-precious stones are used for this exquisite carving. UstadAhmad Lahauri made this monument it was also believedthat Shah Jahan cut his hand after completion of thework so that he will never able to make the replica of
  5. 5. TAJ MAHAL - AN ETERNAL LOVE STORYTaj Mahal the unique master piece of India alwayspresents the eternal love of Mughal emperor ShahJahan towards his wife Mumtaz Mahal. There is a greatlove story behind the making of this monument. Ifsomeone visits this place first time he will never left bythe effecting power of lovely ambiance.
  6. 6. TAJ MAHAL- THE EYE WONDERSIt Is a common fact that there are various famoushistorical monuments are present in all over the worldbut amongst the Taj is the most eye catching. Ifsomeone visits once this place he will never forgot itthroughout the entire life time. Its beauty is very muchnoteworthy and significant.
  7. 7. TAJ MAHAL A SHIV TEMPLE MYTH OR TRUTHIt was believed that the famous monument was once aformer Hindu Shiva temple which was named as “TejoMahalya” But after some years this temple was seized byShah Jahan and was later reformed as Taj Mahal. Somepeople believe that the name was given by the templename.
  8. 8. TAJ MAHAL TOURSThe magnificent monument Taj is located in the city ofAgra. Taj Mahal tour will give you a chance to exploreall the Mughal architecture also along with Taj. Someother attractions in the Agra city are Fatehpur sikri,Agra fort, Sikandra etc.
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