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Megha reveals!

  1. 1. HOW TO DOWNLOAD TORRENT FILES WITHOUT USING UTORRENT?*******************************************************Before doing everything I am going to state, download and install the following firefox addons so thatyour real IP address may not be tracked by the third party advertisements:****************************************************Now read the complete technique to download torrents anonymously:When you download any torrent via clients like utorrent or bittorrent etc., your client also transfers thesame file side by side to other computers (of users who simultaneously download the same torrentthrough torrent clients) and thus you are treated like the original pirate for which there is no escapefrom damages that you may be compelled to pay to the Movie associations of USA. Hence it is better touse online torrent clients like which downloads the complete torrent (of movies orserials) onto its on server on your behalf which you can download with full speed via Internet DownloadManager (a download client).There is no need to register with the said website (providing cloud-based torrent service) through yourgenuine email account. Just type in any fake email ID or use any temporary email service or The websites doesn’t require new members to verify their emailaccounts.Then you can visit the torrent sites and download torrent files which you have to upload onto zbigz.comso that it may fetch/download the complete torrent data for you for ultimate download by you in yourcomputer. The benefit of this service is that you don’t become pirate as is the case with torrent clientsbecause you NEVER upload or share the files that you download.But what about your privacy in case FBI seizes the server of doesn’t maintain any log information as to the IP addresses of the users who create accountsand download the torrential stuff through it, but why should you leave any trace with the servers in case they changed their privacy settings overnight or FBI seizes their servers as it did in caseof megaupload? (See here the FBI banner: is hosted on thisserver: (Romtelecom Data Network, Romania) and thus it falls within the jurisdiction.Romania and other EU countries have already signed a treaty with US to prosecute pirates. Hence Istrongly recommend others to hide their real IP address while using this cloud-based torrent website.Take the following steps to download torrents: 1. Visit this website to find out working socks proxies; avoid proxy servers of USA and UK as the three-strikers (who catch the pirates for seeking damages) reside there. 2. Let’s say that you have chosen the proxy of China which is and port is 80. 3. Now you have to configure your web browser to use this proxy server so that you may connect to the websites through the IP address of that country (China) whose socks or https proxy you use. Firstly read this article to have an idea as to how you can configure proxy servers in the browser: BUT you have to use the network setting in this manner for complete security: 4. Your web browser is configured to use proxy (IP address of another country) and you must confirm it by visiting this website: .If this website confirms that
  2. 2. your IP address has changed, then proceed further, else use another proxy server with its respective port. 5. You have to visit the website now. Create as many accounts on as you wish (because from this month allows only 2 download at a time). 6. Download the torrent files of the videos or movies that you want to download. 7. Internet Download Manager is the best download manager as it integrates itself to all the web browsers instantly. Download and install the free edition of IDM. 8. But you have to configure HTTPS proxy into IDM too because if you don’t do it, your real IP address will go to the server while downloading the torrent file. IDM mostly supports https proxies and sometimes ignore socks proxies. The website relating to proxies can be used. 9. Open IDM and configure https proxy into it. Go to its OPTIONS tool and use these settings: 10. Now open the and start downloading torrents: methods:If you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of configuring web browsers and IDM with proxies, youcan download any of the following VPN clients and start downloading:Cyberghost VPN: http://cyberghostvpn.comOrSpotFlux: is one more popular VPN service called Anchorfree, but don’t use it because when the vpnconnection breaks, it starts downloading through your real IP address, whereas the clients that I havementioned immediately stop downloading the files in that eventuality of disconnection. Personally I donot recommend anyone to use VPNs after HideMyAss VPN revealed the log information of users whichresulted in mass litigation in USA.)Now enjoy downloading torrents to your heart’s contents before the is also compelled to shutdown its service. I download the following serials through torrents: CSI New York, CSI Miami, Harry’sLaw, The Firm, Law and Order, Suits (season 2 has just started) and some movies in mkv format.***********************