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Consumer Behavior Towards Tata Tea

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  • Nice presentation... Lot of information... But few facts are doubtful... for eg... 4Ps... Price... 180/- kg for premium tea??? Agni the lowest of all sells at Rs. 46/- kg.. i.e. Rs. 192/- per kg... what u mean by 40bags for singlses, 80bags for couples etc??? Slide 20 says... 19% share in branded packet tea...n whereas slide 28 says 51% share... who to trust??? moreover why arent any other brands on slide 28, like duncans,
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  • Nice presentation... Lot of information... But few facts are doubtful... for eg...
    180/- kg for premium tea??? Agni the lowest of all sells at Rs. 46/- kg.. i.e. Rs. 192/- per kg...
    what u mean by 40bags for singlses, 80bags for couples etc???

    Slide 20 says... 19% share in branded packet tea...n whereas slide 28 says 51% share... who to trust???
    moreover why arent any other brands on slide 28, like duncans, goorick, wagh bakri etc???
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Final ppt of tata tea

  1. 1. Tata Tea……..<br />World's second largest Manufacturer & Distributor of tea<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Tata Tea Limited<br />Owned by India's Tata Group.<br />Tata Tea is the largest tea brand in India.<br />Type - Private<br />Founded - Kolkata, India (1964)<br />Founder(s)- JRDTata<br />Headquarters – Bengaluru, India<br /> (Chairman)- RatanTata <br />Products- Tea , Coffee<br />Manufactures 70 million kg of tea in India, controls:- 54 tea Estates, in Assam, Kerala, and West Bengal<br />Employees 34,596 (2006)<br />
  4. 4. Manufacture of Instant Tea,& Blending (Kerala).<br /><ul><li>100% export-oriented unit
  5. 5. Packaging factories at Bangalore (Karnataka) and Naine, Allahabad (U.P.)
  6. 6. First tea company in India to set up processing and packing facilities at the tea estates itself.
  7. 7. The Tata Tea group is the world’s second largest global branded tea operation with a presence in over 60 countries.
  8. 8. Tata Tea has subsidiaries in Australia, Great Britain, United States, Czech Republic and India.
  9. 9. Group’s annual turnover is US$1.5 billion (FY 2009/10) </li></li></ul><li>TATA GLOBAL BEVERAGE LTD.<br />Incorporated-18th October 1962<br />On 8th May ,1963.<br />Cultivates-<br /> Plantations & Manufacturing<br /> Selling & exporting Instant ,blended teas. <br />
  10. 10. In 1964 , Joint Venture<br />To develop value added teas in the growingly competitive Indian tea market.<br />It is the world’s second largest branded tea company.<br />
  11. 11. 1983<br /><ul><li>James Finlay sold its shares of Tata Finlay to the Tata Family,& allowed the creation of Company –TATA TEA LTD.
  12. 12. 3% of market share.</li></ul>The dawn of a new era<br /><ul><li>Decided to Focus on consumer branding</li></ul>Tata Tea brand<br />Chakra Gold<br />Gemini<br />Kanan Devan<br /><ul><li>Afterwards ,Established Popular brands in India</li></ul>Agni<br />
  13. 13. JV with allied Lyons Plc, Tata Tetley established.<br />1993,<br />2000<br />Tata Tea acquires Tetley Group Ltd<br />2005<br />Tetley Group acquires Good Earth ,U.S.A<br />.<br />2006<br />Group acquires <br />.<br />
  14. 14. <ul><li>Investment in Mountain Everest Mineral Water.
  15. 15. Tetley group acquires Polish Tea Brand, VITAX</li></ul>2007<br /><ul><li>Announced integration of Beverage Brands.
  16. 16. Group acquires Grand Coffee, Russia </li></ul>2009<br />2010<br />Caffeine-free hot beverage, specially blended for kids, launched by Tetley in U.K<br />2011<br /><ul><li>JV with Pepsico named Nourish Co. Himalayan water added to JV.
  17. 17. Increase stake in JOEKELS TEA, -become a subsidiary Co.</li></li></ul><li> Process..<br />
  18. 18. Tea Cultivation<br />Tea Plucking<br />
  19. 19. Dryer Machine<br />Fermenting<br />
  20. 20. Filtering<br />Tea packaging<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Brands…<br />Tetley- In 70 countries & close to 11 million UK homes.<br /> Leader in black tea,  Market leader in the UK and Canada .<br /> Good Earth- Started as a herbal & speciality tea business on the US west coast.<br /> <br />Eight O’Clock Coffee- 3rd largest coffee brand by volume -US & fastest growing brands, with sales up by 17% in 2009 .<br />Jemca- Leading tea brand in the Czech Republic , with a strong portfolio of black, green and fruit and herbal teas.<br />Joekels- SA’s most popular household tea brands.<br /> Portfolio includes Laager Rooibos– the 2rd largest selling tea brand in South Africa<br />
  26. 26. Vitax - Fruit and herbal tea brand in Poland &Part of Tata Global Beverages since 2007.<br /> Innovative flavours and aromas.<br />Grand- Leading economy segment umbrella brand for consistent <br /> Quality,<br /> Good value, <br /> Coffee, <br /> Tea <br /> Instant tea drinks.<br /> 4th largest player in instant coffee in Russia.<br />Tata Coffee - World’s largest integrated coffee businesses.<br /> Only plantation company in India.<br />Himalayan Water<br />5 brands in India:- Tata Tea, Tetley, KananDevan, Chakra Gold, and Gemini<br />
  27. 27. Superbrand’ & 2nd most trusted beverage brand in India.<br />Volume leader with 19.1% market share in branded packet tea.<br />Successful across India with 4 national & 3 regional brands.<br />Promotes social awakening <br /> ‘Jaago Re’ marketing campaigns.<br />
  28. 28. Helps you get more out of every day. <br />Firm favourite for the busy modern day lifestyle<br />India’s largest brand,7.4% volume & 8.5% value share in branded packet tea.<br /> Economy tea of choice.<br />Fastest Grower.<br />New aromas, packaging & marketing.<br />
  29. 29. Leading premium brand in Andhra Pradesh<br />Freshness of the KannanDevan hills , it is a leading brand in Kerala.<br />Market leader in Andhra Pradesh, <br />Achieving impressive year on year growth<br />
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Segmentation/Targeting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Consists of group of consumer’s who have similar set of wants.
  32. 32. Demographics
  33. 33. Income
  34. 34. Premium- Chakra Gold, a strong premium tea in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  35. 35. Tetley.
  36. 36. Assam dust with a golden taste that creates golden moments.
  37. 37. Tata Tea Life with natural herbal extracts, in the premium segment.
  38. 38. Tata Tea Temptation.
  39. 39. Popular-Tata Tea
  40. 40. Economy- Agni, offers strength and a low price.
  41. 41. Priced at Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 30, when launched. 
  42. 42. Strong presence across all the segments in the leaf tea market.
  43. 43. Rural market.</li></li></ul><li>Psychographics<br /><ul><li>Lifestyle
  44. 44. Values</li></ul>Products vary in terms of- blend, pricing & packaging formats to cater to the unique needs of each segment.”<br />Behavior segmentation<br />Usage<br />Loyalties<br />Target-<br /> Housewives<br />Rural areas<br />Semi-rural towns and villages<br />Segment of population in the cities who would go for the value for money, Like for branded 'kadakchai'."<br />
  45. 45. Competitor’s<br />Bombay Burmah<br />Dhunseri Petro <br />AssamCompany<br />Jayshree Tea <br />CCL Products<br />DuncansInd<br />United Nilgiri<br />McLeod- one of the largest tea cultivators and exporter in the country<br />
  46. 46.
  47. 47. In 2002<br />Value share of Tata tea, 22.6% in Nov ,having overtaken peer HUL - has a value share of 21.3%.<br /><ul><li>Gap has been narrowing down , since then & for the first time in June 2009 HUL lost its pole position to Tata Tea. </li></ul>In 2007,volume share in Nov of 19.9%, higher than HUL’s 17.3%.<br />
  48. 48. Strategy’s<br />
  49. 49. The direct competitors-<br /><ul><li> Local players
  50. 50. Lipton's Taaza in some areas.</li></ul>Strategy against competitor’s<br />Tata Tea Agni's pricing is on a par.<br />Unique blend & Superior packaging, <br /> Tata Agni would capture the imagination of the economy segment consumers.<br /> Not using SaniaMirza for adv of Tata Tea Agni.<br /> Halo Effect<br />
  51. 51. The adv. for Agni - More product-specific.<br /> Launching value packs.<br /> Strengthened the brew & better packaging & communication.<br />Focus on growing in the the Asia-Pacific region, <br />Russia, the second biggest tea market, Africa and the US.(Push Strategy)<br />Eg-<br /> The group will use brands that are powerful in a region to push other brands in its portfolio. <br /> Tetley – Walmart Store’s.<br />
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Darjeeling Tea Inshop Promotion.<br />BTL Activity in 150 retail outlets.(Kolkata)<br />Promoter in every outlet.<br />Involved -><br /> Difference of CTC &Darjeeling Tea.<br /> Distribution of Leaflets.<br /> Running the promo consumer scheme-<br /> free Britannia Cookies with 100gm pack &<br /> Ceramic Tea Mug with 250gm pack<br />
  54. 54.
  55. 55. Cause related marketing – Tata Tea jaago re campaign<br /><ul><li>Promoted voter registration across the country.
  56. 56. Taregted- Younger gen.of first time voters.</li></ul> 320,000 youngsters registered.<br />Against Corruption.<br />Against corruption.<br />NGO 'Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy, & a corporate 'Tata Tea".<br />Campaign is a good fit to their attempt to umbrella brand all their tea brands. <br />Differentiate tea brands.<br />
  57. 57.
  58. 58. Customer psychological profile<br />
  59. 59. The inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to his or her environment<br />
  60. 60. Personality of consumers towards Tata Tea<br /> There are individual differences as some consumers drink tea on daily basis, while others do not have the habit of drinking tea.<br />Tata tea is a very familiar and trustworthy brand for those who are in the habit of drinking tea very often.<br />
  61. 61. CONT….<br />Freudian Theory is suitable for the brand Tata tea.<br />Ego is the reason for which consumers prefer the brand of tata tea.<br />
  62. 62. Motivation as a Psychological Force<br />Motivationis the driving force within individuals that impels them to action.<br />Needs are the essence of the marketing concept. Marketers do not create needs but can make consumers aware of needs.<br />
  63. 63. CONT…<br />Tata tea is an innate need because of the following reason:<br /><ul><li>It is a Physiological (or biogenic) need that is considered primary need or motive.</li></li></ul><li>CONT...<br />Tata tea brand is a product specific goal for the consumer because:<br />It is a specifically branded product that consumers select as their goal.<br />
  64. 64. CONT….<br />According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Tata tea is the brand that satisfies the ego needs of the consumers.<br />This includes the consumer’s prestige , status and self- esteem.<br />
  65. 65. Perception<br />The process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world<br />Elements of Perception<br />Sensation<br />Absolute threshold<br />Differential threshold<br />Subliminal perception<br />
  66. 66. Perceptual Selection<br />Nature of the stimulus: Includes the product’s physical attributes, package design, brand name and advertising.<br />Expectations: Based on familiarity, previous experience and expectations.<br />Motives: Needs or wants for a product or service.<br />Marketer has to keep all these in mind while selling Tata tea.<br />
  67. 67. Packaging as a Positioning Element<br />Packaging conveys the image that the brand communicates to the buyer.<br />Color, weight, image, and shape are all important.<br />Repositioning might be necessary because:<br />Increased competition<br />Changing consumer tastes<br />
  68. 68. Learning<br />The process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience that they apply to future related behavior.<br />Cognitive learning should be used for Tata tea because it is often in response to problem solving.<br />
  69. 69. A learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favourable or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object.<br />For Tata tea the consumers behaved in a favourable manner and showed their likeness towards the brand.<br />
  70. 70. Attitude-Toward-The-Ad Model<br />The advertisement of the Tata tea brand formed various feelings and judgements of the consumers towards the brand which ultimately made the brand successful in the market.<br />
  73. 73.
  74. 74. Research Design : Descriptive research Design.<br />Sampling technique- Convenience sampling.<br />Population – 100 respondents of Chitkara University.<br />Sample unit - Student’s of Finance and Marketing Department and some housewife’s. <br />Sample size – 25 student of finance department<br /> 35 student of marketing department and<br /> 40 housewife.<br />Primary Data.-Primary data has been collected by means of questionnaire method.<br />Secondary Data.-The secondary data source of data includes company official site, various internet sites <br />. <br />Tools for Data Collection– Questionnaire<br />
  75. 75. Analysis & Interpretation<br />