Attracting Wild Birds To Your Garden


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Articles and Guides for the Care of Wild Birds

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Attracting Wild Birds To Your Garden

  1. 1. ==== ====Be kind to wild birds, check out this website for all your needs ====Proper wild bird seed storage is essential to attracting wild birds to your backyard, year-after-year.We all know that bird watching and feeding are a favorite past time for relaxation and to reducestress with a very nominal investment and simplicity to getting started.Bird watching and feeding has been popular for many years with families, seniors, children andbird lovers alike. It can be very rewarding as long as the feeding process is adhered to correctly,as you would expect with your own food.Putting out bird seed for wild birds should be a simple and easy task, if you are prepared with theright tools. Think about how many birds will be eating your seeds as well as the different types ofbird species. You want to make sure that you manage the food supply and food selection that isbeneficial to the different bird species in your region.Most of the time, any type of bird seed you put out it is going to attract a variety of wild birds. Theproblem is it can also bring in pests that are scavengers at heart as well, and think the birdseed isa free buffet for them too...In order to prevent unwanted animals from eating all of your bird seed, we suggest having aproperly designed bird feeder that is placed off the ground, where the birds can feel safe and keepalert while they eat.Storing the bird seed correctly will prevent it from going bad or forming mold and mildew. Thiscould be deadly to the wild birds so safe storage is highly imperative. After all, you wouldnt wantto be served food that is moldy or old either.A few helpful tips for proper wild bird seed storage would be to:* Only purchase the amount of seed you feel the birds will eat in a safe amount of time, in order tonot have the seeds go bad, or have excess seeds when not needed.* It is always better to buy your bird seed in bulk. The more you buy, the more affordable it is, justdont buy more than your birds can eat. Start with one bag of seed and check how long it takes tofinish.* Use containers that are easy to fill and are safe from pests and the elements. If you are going tobuy plastic ensure that it is sturdy. If you are going to buy metal ensure that it is galvanized so thatit will not rust. You also want the containers to have a tight seal and be water tight as well.* Food that is kept in areas that are shady and dry will last much longer in the long run. Always
  2. 2. label your various varieties of bird seed or at least utilize a clear container for easy identification,with the date purchased and type of seed.Before putting seed out for your backyard birds, always check it to ensure there has been no pestinfestation or elements that have caused the seed to go bad. If your birds are turning up theirnoses at the seed, could be a good indication that something is wrong. All you have to do isinspect the seed for bugs and check their feeders to see if any pests have been around. By simplysmelling your seeds you can determine if mold or mildew has set in.You dont want dampness and you certainly dont want it to look like a garden is growing in yourcontainer, these are bad signs. If you adhere to proper wild bird seed storage techniques you canexpect your bird seed to last over a year. It will be worth the effort for the hours of joy you receivewatching the wild birds you have attracted to your backyard, and Im sure the many birds you feedare thankful too.Brian OBrien is a freelance publisher and avid bird watching enthusiast based in Coachella,California. For 30 years Brian has worked in the journalism and publishing field, with whatever littletime available spent viewing wild birds. As he nears retirement and working more on freelanceprojects, he has given himself the time to experience much more wild bird watching activities andnow sharing his passion and experiences with you. Brians articles and reports are publishedthrough a number of ezines and websites and provides resources on attracting wild birds.Article Source:'Brien==== ====Be kind to wild birds, check out this website for all your needs ====