American girls love cookies


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facts and tips on girl scout cookies

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American girls love cookies

  1. 1. ==== ====Secrets of allergy free cooking the professionals dont want you to know. ====Believe it or not, Girl Scout cookies can actually be found in the dictionary. This is what thedictionary calls it: A Girl Scout cookie is one of several varieties of cookie.They were sold on neighborhood tours by Girl Scouts of the USA as a fundraiser for theirorganization. Cookies have become a world wide frenzy. The history of how they came to be isvery interesting.In 1922 the American Girl magazine suggested cookie sales as a fundraiser and provided recipes.It was 1933 in Philadelphia, when the first official sale took place. In 1936 they licensed therecipes out so that companies could mass produce them. The girls scouts would usually sell totheir relatives and friends. Then they would walk around town to visit peoples houses and taketheir order by paper, just like they do today.As an incentive to sell more cookies, the councils would offer different prizes. The prizes woulddiffer from council to council, but popular prizes were stuffed animals, coupons and uniforms.Today the prizes have grown to scholarships, family trips and other large prizes.For every box sold, the Girl Scout council receives around 40-60 cents. This adds up to millions forthe council, and this allows for the council to put the money back into the girl scouts.There are many critics of the cookies. They believe that they are too fatty, and help spread theobese epidemic that has taken over this country. A way that the council helped to dismiss theseremarks was to create sugar free and fat free cookies. Not only are these cookies better for us, butthey also taste just as good. There are fourteen different types of cookies today:1. Thin Mints2. Do-si-dos3. Trefoils4. Tagalongs5. Samoas6. Golden Yangles7. Lemon Coolers8. Lemon Pastry Cremes9. Thanks-a-lots10. Allabouts11. Cartwheels12. Café cookies13. Classic Cremes14. Double Dutch
  2. 2. Out of these fourteen cookies, four of them are either reduced fat, fat free, or sugar free.Whether you are a lover or critic, there is no denying the popularity of these cookies. With eachbite you take, you are sent back into a different time where life was easy and slow.Howard GottliebI write about fundraising and fundraising ideas.Article Source: ====Secrets of allergy free cooking the professionals dont want you to know. ====