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Pacific Seafood Client success


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Pacific Seafood Client success

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTPACIFICSEAFOODMAKING LEADERS—AND THEIR TEAMS—MORE EFFECTIVEFor more than 70 years, privately ownedPacific Seafood has provided fresh andfrozen seafood for America’s dinner tables.During its seven decades in business thecompany has grown from being a smallretail seafood shop in Portland, Ore., tothe Western Hemisphere’s largest verticallyintegrated seafood company.This growth has been a big part of thePacific Seafood story, but just as importantis the organization’s culture, which is guid-ed by its Diamond Philosophy—Teamwork,Quality, Productivity, and Excellence—thatembodies the organization’s ideals andbusiness practices. This philosophy is thebrainchild of Frank Dulcich, PacificSeafood’s president and CEO.Living the Diamond Philosophy every day,however, is an ongoing challenge for multi-ple reasons as the organization operatesfacilities stretching from Alaska to Mexicoand into the Western and SouthwesternU.S. Many of these facilities became partof Pacific Seafood through acquisition andhave been integrated into the organizationalculture.In addition, as the seafood processing busi-ness is defined by hard work and the needfor team members to perform a variety ofjob tasks, there had been little time for orfocus on providing formalized develop-ment—a necessity for reinforcing a strongorganizational culture—either for PacificSeafood’s workforce or its leaders.“We really do wear nine or ten hats everyday,”says Sherrie Pottruff, general managerof Pacific Seafood’s processing and distribu-tion center in Salt Lake City, Utah, describ-ing the hectic nature of the business.What Pacific Seafood needed was a uniqueapproach to training that would fit the orga-nization’s structure, business, and fast-pacedwork environment.REINFORCING THE CULTURE BYDEVELOPING STRONGER LEADERS“We want to make our people betterpeople and believe if we help them becomebetter people they’re going to figure outhow to do their jobs more effectively,”saysDrew Jacobs, Pacific Seafood’s director oftraining and development.To help make this happen, while alsoaddressing its unique training challenges,Pacific Seafood formulated a two-prongedtraining strategy. This strategy included thedevelopment and launch of Pacific SeafoodUniversity, which involves a robust e-learn-ing curriculum that provides team membersat all organizational levels with access to aCLIENTSUCCESSES—PACIFICSEAFOODINDUSTRY:SEAFOOD PROCESSINGAND DISTRIBUTION1CLIENT SUCCESSES© Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMXI. All rights reserved.ABOUT PACIFIC SEAFOOD> The Western Hemisphere’slargest vertically integratedseafood processing anddistribution company,with annual revenuesof $1.5 billion.> In addition to seafood,the company also sellsmeat and poultry itemsamong its more than1,800 products.> Pacific Seafood’s head-quarters is located inPortland, Ore., and itoperates processing plantsstretching along the PacificCoast from Alaska toMexico, and distributionfacilities in seven states.The company employs2,500 people.
  2. 2. wide range of brief courses covering job-and organization-specific topics, such asproduct information and company opera-tions. Pacific Seafood University enablesteam members to improve in areas of devel-opment, gain expertise in areas of strength,chart a productive career path, and expandtheir skill bases.“I think the Pacific Seafood University cours-es are great,”says Pottruff. “They enable ourpeople to feed their mind a little bit and itgives them useful knowledge to help movethem forward in their jobs, whether theydrive a truck or are in sales.”In addition,to address the developmentneeds of the organizations’leaders—thebackbone of Pacific Seafood’s culture—itembarked on a highly targeted rollout ofvarious courses from DDI’s InteractionManagement: Exceptional Leaders ...Extraordinary Results®leadership develop-ment system and Techniques for a High-Performance Workforce®developmentsystem for leaders and team members.These courses include Essentials ofLeadership,Resolving Conflict,AchievingYour Leadership Potential,PersonalEmpowerment: Taking Initiative,andCommunicating and Listening,among others.“We needed training for our leaders thatwas character-based and ethics-based, andthe DDI courses fit the bill,”says Jacobs.Jacobs selects the courses, which hedelivers himself, based on his owninformation-gathering as well as on inputand feedback he receives from managementat the various locations.Craig Poole, general manager of a gourmetseafood processing facility in Federal Way,Wash., describes how this process workedfor courses delivered there.“We had discussed the need for supervisorsat our facility to be more engaged, moreresponsible, and more accountable, butwe recognized that they had never beeninvolved in much training to become bettersupervisors. Working with Drew we deter-mined that the Personal Empowerment:Taking Initiative course would be a goodplace to start.”In delivering the courses, Jacobs travelsregularly to all of the Pacific Seafoodlocations, eliminating the need for trainingparticipants to gather in a centralized loca-tion. He also adapts the course delivery tothe audience. For instance, to deliver thetraining to leaders who work night orevening shifts, he will schedule the coursesfor the middle of the night, if that is themost convenient time. While the coursesprimarily are targeted to Pacific Seafood’sfrontline leaders, leaders at all levels partici-pate in the training.The courses are reinforced through coach-ing. The Salt Lake City facility, for instance,has implemented formalized coachingprograms targeting both class participantsand new team members. These programspromote the ongoing application of theconcepts and skills imparted in the trainingand also introduce the Diamond Philosophyto those who are new to the company.A MORE PROFESSIONAL ANDACCOUNTABLE ENVIRONMENTTo date, Jacobs has delivered nearly20 courses across the various PacificSeafood locations. Both he and otherswithin the organization are seeing the orga-nization’s training initiative have an impact.“What I’ve seen is that these classes havereally helped us to expose leaders whowere not living our culture the way weCLIENTSUCCESSES—PACIFICSEAFOOD2© Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMXI. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. wanted,”says Jacobs. “They also give me anavenue to address those issues and helpthem live the culture, while protecting theirdignity and letting them save face.”Joe Ohalloran, general manager of theClackamas, Ore., distribution center, whofirst introduced DDI training to PacificSeafood after experiencing it at anothercompany, also sees good things from thetraining initiative.“We have a more professional environment,more accountability. And our managers areusing what they learn, whether they arecoaching, conducting a performance review,or even having to gracefully dismiss a teammember. It just really has helped peopledetermine what they need to do and howto prepare for it.”“I worked for Pacific Seafood when wedidn’t have this training,”says Pottruff.“To see how it has been integrated in andreally gotten the entire company’s focushas been refreshing.”“Providing training makes us a betteremployer,”says Bob Simon, general managerof Pacific Seafood’s Mukilteo,Wash., distribu-tion center. “It helps morale. It shows teammembers that we are willing to invest intheir development. It sends the messagethat management cares.”In addition,Jacobs points to multiple areasof impact that the training has had withinPacific Seafood,including reducing turnover,attracting higher-quality new team members,and reducing stress on leaders and improv-ing their quality of life.“It’s increased our team members’ passionfor the company,”he adds. “Most of ushere, if you ask us what we do, we say weprovide good, safe food for people to havemeaningful dinners with. We produce aproduct that someone somewhere enjoyswhile they celebrate family dinners, birth-days, anniversaries, and other specialmemories. That’s pretty special.”CLIENTSUCCESSES—PACIFICSEAFOOD3MKTLDCS08-04110MA © Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMXI. All rights reserved.CONTACT INFORMATIONWORLD HEADQUARTERS412.257.0600E-MAIL INFO@DDIWORLD.COMWWW.DDIWORLD.COM/LOCATIONS